Women in the Cairo Street Scenes: Troubling Photo Essay


For days now, the mainstream and leftstream media have been telling us that the Muslim Brotherhood is not dangerous, not radically Islamist—but that even if they are Islamist that they are popular amongst the people. Western leftists view the Brothers as engaged in a Hamas-like form of soup kitchen social work/theocratic totalitarianism, but who nevertheless have earned the right to be democratically voted into power by the people. They have been invited to join the negotiations with Mubarak’s regime.

Short-sightedly, they claim that if we are serious about standing for democracy and the vote, that we have no choice but to support what may turn out to be an even worse tyranny than that of Mubarak’s.

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You’ve come a long way baby!

I was watching a street scene during these riots/demonstrations where a man had his hand strongly around the female in total covers with him.
Had she been perceived to have been there on her own (without her owner) she would have been liable to gang rape.

Egypt has one of the worst records of mistreatment of females in public.

From an interview about Egyptian sexual harassment of females:

(Regarding whether the veil is a protection)

Ms. RANYU WAKET: (Through Translator) Forget it.
A woman is still harassed.
It doesn’t matter if she is veiled or not, even if her face is covered.
When I first got harassed, I was scared and would cry because it was new to me.
Now, I can yell, but there isn’t much more that I can do.

(Regarding mobs of men related sexual attacks)

This 2006 video posted on YouTube by an Egyptian blogger shows three men arm in arm attempting to keep a mob of boys and men out of a store while terrified women huddled inside.
Suddenly, a young woman lurches in and falls to the floor.
It appears that her top has been ripped off completely.

There were other such incidents.
An amateur video showed policemen doing little or nothing.

Mr. ZAYYID ALLALAYMI (Lawyer): (Through Translator) She went to the police. They basically told her the same way. We’ll rough him up a little and send him on his way, and she said no.
And if anyone lays a hand on him, I’m going to report that person as well.
I want to take my rights through the law.
So they said finally, why don’t we call your dad and see what he says about this.
And her father came and said, no, I also want to take this through the law system.

KENYON: Having achieved this improbable success, Rushti and Allalaymi were faced with a criminal code that doesn’t mention sexual harassment.
There are, however, statutes punishing the abuse of women, including improper touching, which somewhat bizarrely carries the same penalty as sodomizing a woman………..
There are now three proposed laws criminalizing sexual harassment before the Parliament, but Ebeid and others doubt they’ll pass any time soon.


Judging from the Cairo University photos it appears there ‘was’ a ‘modern’ Egypt at one time. It seems to show how instead of ‘progress’ (not progressive in the political term), they have instead ‘regressed.’ It goes to show the influence of the Islamic (radicals?). I cannot believe, although a Islamic/Muslim woman would ‘respond differently’ , that they made a ‘choice’ to wear the burka or that type clothing without pressure. Whether the pressure be peer, husband, Islamic (radical) or Muslim (radical). There are also women who ‘will say’ they do it on their own and maybe this is true too. Everyone is seems has a different ‘take’ and view.

I viewed a you tube video which a Muslim woman ‘answered stupid questions’ people asked them about their dress/lifestyle. One of the statements made by the Muslim women was that ‘she’ believed ‘American Women’ pay too much attention to their ‘physical’ appearance. People (men?) will then only look at her physical attractiveness and not her ‘mind.’ And by a Muslim woman ‘covering’ herself up, it shows more ‘respect’ for her mind. That is all well and good. It is also an oxymoron. Perhaps Hypocritical or even indoctrination? Because most Middle East countries don’t even allow women to be educated, let alone leave the house. Leaving her to rely on her husband and family. What would she possibly need to use ‘her brain’ for?

What is sad about ‘covering up’ many middle eastern women is there are so many really beautiful ones.

I am always thankful I live in the United States. I always pray for the women who live under the kind of oppression found in many Middle East countries. Not many ‘rights’ , and treated so badly. It seems like a very stressful life.

There is always something to be Thankful for…


Well it is evident that they have progressed to their peek and are now in regression. Won’t be too long before they all go back to haling rocks to build big things that do nothing.

I visited Egypt in the spring of 1980. Our guide in Cairo was an attractive middle-aged woman named Fatima. She was well-educated, wore very fashionable European clothes, perfect makeup and the latest coiff. She assured us that what had happened in Iran would never happen in Egypt. The Shiites were responsible for the backward movement in Iran, while Egypt was predominately Sunni. I often wonder if she’s still alive and, if so, how she feels about what has happened to her country.

Did you notice that Christine Amanpour, showed up in Egypt and was in a scarf and sunglasses when she went out onto the street. Isn’t she the same person who for the last 15 years has been criticizing people for portraying the muslim women of these countries as being abused and veiled like in the truly repressive muslim societies? Someone needs to call this effete snobbish hypocrite on this when she starts preaching about how tolerant and modern these countries are .

I just found an article about Code Pink in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.
Some liberals think it is a lie that they were even there!
From 5 days ago:
Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin Wednesday headed up a dozen Code Pink banner-bearing activists in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.
Their banner in both English and Arabic, reading: “The World Says It’s Time For Mubarak to Go.”

Code Pink has been teaching Egyptian people the radical cries of the American Left:
According to Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin, the crowd yelled out, in Arabic, ‘The People, United, Will Never Be Defeated.’…

Where’d THAT come from?

As of last night…..
Medea wrote to the CODEPINK team on Sunday evening, February 6: “Just got back at 11:30 PM from the square….”

Other Code Pink co-founder, Jodie Evans and dozens of other pinks in the last few years alone have traveled to Iraq, Turkey, Great Britain, Iran, Thailand, Cuba, Egypt, Venezuela, and Brazil, undermining our foreign policy whenever possible. Code Pink now has active chapters or offices in at least a dozen other countries. It was in 2010 that Evans asked the Muslim Brotherhood to “join us in cleansing our country.”

Click the link then click the photo on the page, the ad is on the bottom of the Muslim Brotherhood (see top banner) page with the handcuffs.

Christine Amanpour is an Iranian. Notice that she speaks English with a British accent. She is not American.

Reply to Nan G #7

Nan G –
I don’t know a whole lot about Code Pink except that they are a Far Far Left Group and seem they are made up of a bunch of frustrated, not very attractive, bitter women. And some men who are probably bitter and frustrated to for some reason… 150,000 members worldwide – 150 agencies as well. Small potatoes thankfully.

Well, for their own sake, should be so very THANKFUL 1) For being an ‘American Woman’ 2) And so very THANKFUL instead of ‘contempt’ for our Troops and our military who make it possible for them to have the very ” freedom of speech” they use to vilify the very same people who fight ‘for’ their ‘freedom of speech’ and other freedom we have in America. Which are being slowly stripped away…. Our Troops are our true heros! Not Code Pink.

I did visit their website as I too found out Medusa went to Egypt. Since a lot of Egyptian women were not seen protesting at the square, I can only depict she and her brood were on the outskirts of the mess. I could be wrong. At any rate, in the pictures I saw the background didn’t look like the US. They only have 150,000 members worldwide.

I thought it was ‘ odd’ the people holding up the ‘signs’ were Egyptian, but the signs you can tell were not ‘created’ by those holding them up but most likely by Code Pink – Medusa herself or one of her brood. Then they probably conned the Egyptian protesters into holding them up ‘for a Code Pink Photo Op’.

CODE PINK IRONY: Excerpt from:

In what can only be seen as an ironic twist of fate, Code Pink, and none other than radical leftist Medea Benjamin, found themselves involved in an incident in which they saw the necessity of calling in the Marines for help.

Code Pink is a shameful Leftist organization of “‘Pin Heads” I would say lol but they are too ‘sad’ to lol about. How any American can be attracted to these shameful hypocrites who have the audacity to consider themselves ‘Patriotic’ is way beyond my grasp.

I also wonder just how involved they got with the Hikers in Iran. They are all for the social justice? Tried to find some info but was unsuccessful.