Wis. Doc’s Give Fake Sick Notes to Protesting Public Employees


A sharp-eyed observer noticed this lefty sign advertising doctor’s notes for non-sick sick-in public school teachers (via katierosenberg h/t justlikemonet). The poster says “THE DOCTOR IS IN. COME GET A NOTE”). So, add possible medical fraud to the public school education fraud being perpetrated in the name of “union monopoly solidarity”:

More from the MacIver Institute here. The name, signature, and Wisconsin medical license number on the pictured note belong to James H Shropshire MD, an Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at the Wisconsin School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine. Doctors told an interviewer in video from the MacIver Institute that the fake teachers have “mental health” challenges; another defensive doctor accused the interviewer of interfering with “private,” protected “confidential” consultations — in the middle of a public demonstration.

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If the WI Senate body and its Judicial system has the backbone to uphold the Laws, then the real circus show will be in the Courts as these groups will now have to explain their actions for violating oaths of public service.