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They’ve been chased away by feminazis. The majority of students in college are women. Women don’t need men any more. Want a kid? Get a donor.

Men are obnoxious. They don’t take out the trash. They leave the toilet seat up. They fart. They don’t like quiche. And worse yet…they ignore their feminine side.


If I, as a defective Y chromosome owner, can manage to cook my own food, do my own laundry, clean my own living space, shop for my own foodstuffs AND get in touch with my, “Feminine Side,” why do I need women?

Assuming, of course, that I have been weaned.

So, if I do not embrace women (should I spell the term, “wymyn,” or, “fempersons?”) I can hunt, fish, read, fart, ride my motorcycle, scratch my uglies, watch NASCAR on TV and sit in my rocker as and when I see fit without worrying about what your mother/sister/girlfriends think and have a completely Mojito-free environment.

Sounds about right to me.

Not all women pick Justin over Sean. (of course the key word there would be Women, not girls)
The age difference doesn’t matter, Sean wins.
Agree there are way too many….what’s the stupid term?…..metro-sexual men out there.

My favorite actor is Russell Crowe…been my favorite since June 2000.

men..they don’t flush the toilet, do not lift the seat to urinate..most of the early years of a male are speent unriating all over his career and personality. Men has a hgher rate of CP, and other neurological issues, Men have more heat attack than women. Men have more successful suicides than woman. Most men can not cook or even do laundry of even iron a shirt. Most med can not even shine a pair of shoses. or even take out the trash Men always fall asleep ater sex, plannned or unplanned. The modern day man is a droid empty of fucntional activity and mentation if it were not for the programming by societyand government. Mordern man is a task oriented entity. If you do note tell him whe to, he does not function..
Thank God there a still some “old school Marines” sill arond to open up does and think on there own. Oh! When was the last time you saw a Marine Office on the golf course during wprking hours..NEVER.