Westboro Hate Cult to Protest Funeral of Penn. Children


These freaks make me want to type f words that I don’t allow others to use here just to emphasize how much I hate them. Of course subhuman scumbuckets are one of the few topics that the left and right agree on…for the most part. That says a lot about them. Both the left and right agree they are horrible people worthy of mutual hatred and perhaps being vomited on or something. Sorry to get so grotesque, but they really piss me off.

So heres a quick run down on these soulless creatures.


The church release called Pennsylvania an “evil state” and said Snyder stood up “and declared war on God and his church” with the lawsuit.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the church saying it has the right to free speech in any public place.

The news that the church planned a protest at the funeral of the seven children of Ted and Janelle Clouse was attacked by U.S. Sen. Bob Casey.

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Bob Casey actually made a stand? Or was it merely a statement? Side note: As Marines of yester-year, my brother and I both intend to show our support of the family by showing up March 15 for the funeral services. The family is asking that it remain a peaceful showing with no signs, words or even acknowledgement of these mentally challenged/deranged pieces of…..dung. We encourage anyone in Pa. that day to show up.

You really would’nt want me showing up,I would be going to jail over these pukes.But you know It might be worth it.

I have the feeling that before too long, the Westies will demonstrate at a funeral where the mourners really don’t give a damn about what the supreme court says about anything. At that time, the Westies will have their collective a$$ handed to them.

I think I might like to be there that day.

The old wild west is not done…you don’t stop them at funeral, The point is, you stop them at the point of formation or on the route traveled. The Roman’s did this for centuries to stop protests in their country. The V.C. did it to use in “Nam..we never leared.

You know, every time I read one of these “let’s destroy Westboro” posts or comments, I get happy. Because what that “church” wants to do is rile you all up to kill us gay folks, that’s their only mission. And instead, you’re riled up against them. Good. I’m not even sure you realize you’re helping gay folks by ridding the nation of this bunch; we’d breath easier at least if they were gone. I don’t care if it’s an unintended thing you do; though I believe the animosity towards gay folks has mostly disappeared and now it’s just a matter of dealing with some legalities here and there; and the last few crack pots. And maybe you don’t care if Westboro protests gay existence, but only complain they do it at military funerals, I don’t know. But while Westboro does their thing where they do, which rightly so infuriates you — they do seem very afraid to come down to a gay bar and say what they do — I don’t think they’d make it out alive. But the one thing we cannot do — we gay folks cannot go protest this church or try to shut it down, or we’ll be blamed for attacking all churches. So we do nothing, and await some good Samaritan among you to do the work. Thanks so much, truly, for being unintentional strange bedfellows. And if any of you cross that line in your rage (and please don’t, just use words,) I think that one of the biggest sources of your defense fund would be the gay community. I would like to hope so at least. You’d have a $20 from me for sure, while raising more.

TO you jim,I don’t hate the gay folks as you call them I hate their sin,so take your 20$ and put it where the sun don’t shine it will sure fit.

@Wildbill, well, then, I shall keep my $20 in my wallet, where the sun has not shone, whether you’d need it or not. As to which sins you refer to, I don’t know. Can’t take the gayness out of the gays, though, that’s for sure. And yet, logically, if you’re opposed to what I perceive perchance “sin” reference is to — why would you propose an expensive prosthetic when God’s creation is available? Put or don’t put, ay, that’s the question, and your advice is contradictory. Just saying.

To mos 8541 very well said.

Some people do not even deserve the consideration of thought amongst civilized society. I place the Westboro church people firmly within this group.

I don’t consider this evil funeral defiling organization a church, it’s a vicious family of bullies that is abusing grieving victims and their communities. I don’t know how they can live in their own skin, they are shameless and wicked, somehow, someday, something is going to open their eyes to what they’ve put innocent people through, I hope it’s painful.

I just wonder where Social Services are when these hateful people force little children into carrying those signs and are forced to spew hatred. How come that is not child abuse. If these children were forced to give a nazi salute or were told to call black people vile names, that is considered child abuse. I think Social Services should step in and remove these children from the parents to give them a chance to grow up to be decent people instead of mindless followers.
This is just my opinion, and I hope something is done to save these children from the torment they are being forced to participate in.

Kansas has tried to get the children away from Westboro for claims of child abuse, but the State failed in its attempts legaly for decades (half the motivation of the Phelpps running in the Governor races on the Democrat ticket). Sorry that my State’s so damn weak kneed when dealing with a perversed and revolting example of religious expression intended to provoke violence and aggression.

I can not fathom that Westboro’s langauge is to be accepted at a Funeral or gravesight, especially that of Service Men funerals. If they want to spew their message they can do it on open public areas in Downtown so that people can see who they are and get in their face. May God have mercy on their twisted souls for bringing grief, pain and evil on the surviors of the buried these vile things protest at.

@Mr. Irons: If it’s true that Phelps is a Democrat — and I’ve seen so many reports he is — this should be made more well known — to the many gays who think they are Republicans. There’s a lot of confusion on our side, in our media, about this issue. And it should be made well known by straight Republicans to gay folks. I don’t know how, I’m not a politico. It does the Right no good to be identified with these people. And then use that to let the Democrats squirm a bit. Yes, odd bedfellows and all that. But hey, I’m just trying to be helpful.

Maybe fight fire with fire?? Form a “Holy Church of Right and Whoopass”??? Our core belief beings we are the sword and arm of God….our job, to protect the memory of Soldiers, and any innocents killed, against those who might besmirch such memory. And to lay the Gospel, meaning WHOOPASS, on any and all Sinners we catch doing this. Our Masses to be held during, and in proximity to the Funerals of such victims. We carry out Gods work, if we see anyone violating our church’s creed. Westboro presence equals time for our Minisitry work to the Heathens! Our beliefs ought to be cover under the Supreme Courts rulings….. anyone want to form a Church??? LOL!

@Jim Hlavac:

Nothing makes them squirm, the ends justifies the means. You confront them with this and they will just turn the conversation towards something a conservative did, real or imagined. They will use it as a platform launch to smear their opposition even though they have taken Phelps money.

Agree with Missy..but than look at opie, hillary and the good old boys. Have they ever give us a stright answer.. NPD’s narsistic personality disorders.. but than both opie and hillary a true communists. Dr C. Rice would have been there, everywhere in a heart beat..

@Hankster: Well, then, it’s a good thing gay folks don’t protest at military funerals, would not want to be on your bad side!

OK, what’s GAY got to do with any of my Comments?? I have gay friends and Relatives! No Homophobe here….

@Missy: Ma’am, I’m not sure whom you mean doesn’t squirm — Phelps? Democrats? Gay folks? I’m just not sure. Meanwhile, many gays are very unhappy with Westboro, but like I said, we dare not do a thing, so we won’t. We’d like them to come to our neighborhoods, then we can deal with them right there (even if just tickle them to death, for we are not violent people.) Oddly, the vaunted “pro-gay” media is clueless about gay neighborhoods, clueless about gay people. They don’t care, they’re pushing socialism — not gayness. Socialist regimes shoot gay folks. And yes, I’m aware that many gays are in the socialist-Democratic camp right now — but for a very strange reason. It’s not agreement with the socialist agenda, no. It’s that the socialists said nothing malicious, so many voted Left. But we’re waking up so fast it would make your head swim. On the other hand, poll after poll shows that already some 30% of gays vote Republican and Tea Party. Which is a lot more than the just 4% of blacks who do. Gay folks are very much in love with the “Don’t Tread On Us!” concept. And yet we’re silly enough to vote for whomever says nothing bad about us, not liking us, just nothing bad, there’s a difference. This I know from personal observation and discussion. And our “gay political leaders” are loony in thinking they are our leaders, and we barely know whom they are. We’re so disorganized it’s not funny. Very Tea Party in fact. Weird, no?

@Hankster: Sorry, Hankster, didn’t mean to imply “homophobia” — it’s actually a very rare thing, I’d say. That’s why it got better, as we say. On the other hand, Westboro wants to eliminate gay folks — they are clear about it. They have no other agenda. They are trying to rile up the nation to stomp us down; the nation doesn’t want to do it. Yet, whenever they come up — well, it’s about us, ultimately. And I commented here because I want to say that we thank you for also seeing this group as miscreants in need of a whooping. But we can’t do it. It would be politically dangerous for us to go after that church. You must do it for us. God bless in your efforts!

@Hankster: Sir, let me try to be clearer, and allay your concerns — these groups, Westboro predominant among them at the moment — are not trying to stop war. They want war against gay people. They are not thanking God for dead soldiers because they are against war, or any aspect of our foreign policy or defense spending, or whom is a general — they are trying to tell you that there are dead soldiers Precisely because you are NOT homophobic. These groups are not “homophobic” — they’re not against gay marriage, or companies giving us benefits, they have no irrational fear of us, they don’t wonder and say “Well, thank God not me!” No — that sort of discussion perhaps has a place in America, it’s not settled yet. The word “marriage” is truly problematic, many gay people do not discount this view. Hence we call for “legal civil unions” — by any name, 100,000 words either side of “marriage” in the dictionary. That’s one part of this debate over gay people. There are other parts, too numerous to go into here. But part of rational debate about the reality of gay folks, those of who simply have nothing else to tell you but, well, we’re here. And there ain’t many of us, and no more a coming to our side. It’s just us. That’s all.

But what Westboro wants you to do is become homophobic and come at us with all the fury you can muster. And you know what, sir? I don’t think you personally, or most at this website, or even 90% of the nation truly wants that. The nation is not “homophobic.” The nation is not against gay people anymore. Again, a bit confused, understandably so. We’re confused. Trust me on this. But we don’t argue against the nation, or family, or churches, or anything. We argue against groups like Westboro, the Family Research Council and their brethren — who are all on record for calling for our forced cure, incarceration, deportation, and even execution. Proof of their comments is very easy to find. Sure, think we’re silly sissies, or tease us, make jokes, pity us, even say you don’t want us to live next door. We deal with this, we set up a separate economy, it’s not hard to find. We have already pretty much insulated ourselves from you. And those of you straights who can deal with us, do. And those who cannot don’t. Fine. That’s where we’re at as a nation. From our side, it’s getting better.

But Westboro and these other groups want us dead. And they want you to kill us. And that’s what’s wrong. And you, I believe, in your heart, you know that no matter what you think of gay people — you really don’t want to round us all up or hunt us all down, and kill us. That’s what they want.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the church saying it has the right to free speech in any public place.

I’ve got a Constitutional right to freedom of speech, but that doesn’t mean I have a right to hold up a sign displaying pornographic images while standing on public property. I can’t believe there’s not some legal angle that could be used to remove these people from public view and earshot during a funeral.

And Hankster, and you too Curt, and everybody. This is very emotional for me, for us. They want us dead. Gone. Eliminated. They don’t care how. They don’t care by whom. And we are so few and meek. And you are strong and many. If you squash this bunch we will be eternally grateful. You have no idea. None.

@Jim Hlavac:

I meant the democrats and the Phelps family members are democrats. Who isn’t unhappy with Westboro, I detest them, who do they think they are to be the judge and jury of all Gods children?

I don’t know about facing them, next thing you know they will be parked on your front sidewalk, following you to work, how much of that could anyone tolerate. Just take it to heart that they are hated for a variety of reasons, all they have is their family and I’m wondering how persistant they will be once their father leaves this earth, they may ride off into the sunset.

BTW, do you read Hillbuzz? That’s a pretty organized bunch imho. They have accomplished much, even under threat and they never seem to tire, quite an energized group from Chicago, very informed and fun. They were former Hillary supporters and have written extensively about the caucus process, dirty tricks the unions pulled, etc., from their experiences and they usually have good sources.

I often read through their blog when I have a bit of extra time and appreciate their humor when they are in the mood for it, looks like they are a bit slow this week, don’t know why, check it out if you haven’t already.


I meant the democrats and the Phelps family members are democrats.

The Phelps family are representative of democrats to about the same degree that they’re representative of Christians.


You might not like the idea of that family being democrats, but that’s just what they are. Interesting that they feel alligned with the democrats, heh, like minds and all of that.

Fred Phelps ran for governor of Kansas and for Kansas US Senate as a democrat, in all he had 5 runs for office as a democrat.

His family hosted Al and Tipper Gore in their homes when Gore ran for president. They funded, fund raised for and campaigned for Gore, pictures of Al & Tipper with them…. and in front of their homes all over the net. Photos cover several different times because the clothing isn’t the same.

@Missy: Oh dear lady, thank you. Yes, I know hillbuzz.org. There’s more gays “coming out” as Right somehow than ever before. Most of us have seen through the charade. I can only give you anecdotal evidence because I’m just a guy, not connected much other than what I read on the net — but among my friends here there is a great reawakening. It’s hard to pinpoint. But I sense it. We talk about it. It’s a serious topic of discussion how the Democrats and liberals used and abused us. And their kissy-kissy with Muslims ain’t helping. I know many of you find this hard to believe — but gay folks are among the most patriotic — we have to be — for our Creator did endow us with a rather curious pursuit of happiness. In a weird way we embody “rugged individualism,” even if being a bit less rugged. And “Don’t Tread On Us Either” is as good a slogan as we ever had.

And if you send me links to Al Gore and Phelps, oh my. Oh my! Go to my website, contact me. That’s too good. I talk to too many Tea Party websites now. There’s a great confusion about us, this we do not mind. But what Westboro is calling for is wholly different. Like I said, call us the platypuses of the human race, but those people want us dead.

Oh lawdy… is there no subject that Jim Hlavac can comment on without it being all about him, his persecution and his sexual preferences?

There is life outside you, Jim. And frankly, you and your complaints in life look pretty damed petty and self-centered when compared to what goes on in the rest of the world. Get a handle on your perspectives. And if you need to eat, live, breathe and talk about this 24/7/365, sure wish you’d get that out of your system with your friends instead of attempting to hijack every thread here.

Bored bored bored….