Want To Know Why Our Policy Now Favors Terrorists? Maybe This Is The Reason.


by Sam Faddis

The Biden administration’s policy toward Iran and Islamic extremist organizations is regularly described in conservative circles as “weak-kneed,” “naïve,” “feckless” and the like. The suggestion is that this White House is filled with men and women who are not up to the challenge of confronting our nation’s enemies.

This is wrong. It is far too generous in fact. It misses the critical essential truth.

The Biden administration is not attempting to stand up to Iran and its minions and failing. It is, in fact, composed of people who side with the ayatollahs. To put this in old Western terms, for Biden and his advisors we are the bad guys. It is the Iranians and their radical Islamic associates who are wearing the white hats and deserve our support.

Consider Maher Bitar. Maher is the Senior Director for Intelligence at the National Security Council. In that role, he coordinates intelligence between the White House and the Intelligence Community. He has access to all of the intelligence we collect worldwide -including sources and methods – and decides who inside the administration sees what. The person in this job is supposed to be an intelligence professional. Instead, in this case, it was given to a radical Palestinian with a long history of anti-Israeli activism and close association with known terrorist groups.

Bitar was one of the executive board members of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). As we have reported recently this organization is behind most of the recent street protests against Israel in our cities coast to coast. That includes the actions that closed the Golden Gate and Brooklyn bridges and blocked access to multiple major airports. The group has a long history of supporting terrorist groups like Hamas.

Students for Justice in Palestine was spun off of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), an organization whose leaders were former members of Palestinian and Islamist terror organizations.

Maher Bitar later went to work for UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. That organization is supposed to be providing education for Palestinian children in Gaza. Instead, it has a long history of involvement with and support for Hamas. Educational materials provided by UNRWA praise jihad and terrorism. At least a dozen members of UNRWA are reported to have been directly involved in the attacks on Israel in October. A major Hamas communications center was later found in a tunnel directly underneath an UNRWA facility.

Robert Malley, President Biden’s special envoy to Iran, had this to say when Maher was appointed to his current position: “Can’t think of a better choice than Maher. The most professional, principled, dedicated public servant I’ve had the honor to work with, a wonderful colleague, and a dear friend.” Malley is now on administrative leave from his position and has had his security clearance suspended. It appears he was passing classified information to the Iranians.

Journalist Caroline Glick described Maher this way. “Mahar supports Palestinian terrorism and he is the Director for Intelligence in the National Security Council.” Worse yet, “Bitar prepares the president’s daily intelligence briefings….You can go to Bitar [with anti-Israel propaganda] and it goes directly to Biden’s bloodstream through the daily intelligence briefing that is presented to Biden by (or prepared by) Maher Bitar and then presented by Jake Sullivan. That’s how it works… The senior director is the node to which all intelligence from all agencies flows. He decides what to share with the President. And in the name of the President, he determines priorities for intelligence operations and collection.”

You should also understand that Maher is not some outsider inside the Biden administration. He served as general counsel for House Intelligence Committee Democrats when they were attempting to impeach Trump in 2017. He served during the Obama administration. He is close with Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, and the like.

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This explains why Israel decided not to tell the USA when it was going to retaliate against Iran before sending a few missiles to prove they could last night.
Israel knew joe’s peeps would have warned Iran if they did.

Remember, the UN is made up of 57 (or more) Islamic countries.
That’s almost 1/3rd of their votes on everything.
That’s 1/3rd of their “soldiers,” too.
That’s 1/3rd of their committee members, too.
Even when the UN says it’s sending monitors to keep peace, it send Muslims who do not keep peace.

The to really act to stamp out Terrorism and that’s means abolishing the United Nations and turning the UN Facility into aa Homeless Shelter why should they be allowed to Eat Sleep and rest in comfort while Homeless Americans(Losing their Homes to Migrants)sleeping in the Alley

In every department, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden has the absolute WORST possible personnel in place. Of course, he personally selected very few of them; they are mostly residue from the Obama regime. Simply choosing DEI over competence doesn’t even explain it all; many are purposely chosen to do the exact opposite of what the country needs. I ask you, what company, much less a government, would have put Sam Brinton in any position of any authority whatsoever? Of course, no one would have put Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden in position of authority; that’s why fraud was necessary.