Walker rejects union offer to accept concession


Gov. Scott Walker on Saturday rejected an overture from a Democratic state senator that public employee unions had agreed to make financial sacrifices contained in the budget-repair bill in return for the right to bargain collectively.

Cullen Werwie, Walker’s spokesman, said in a statement that State Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) “should come to work and debate the bill while doing his job in Madison.

“Gov. Walker has repeatedly said that we won’t negotiate the budget and we can’t balance the budget on a hope and a prayer,” Werwie said in the statement. “That remains true. State and local government need the flexibility to manage this and future budget crises. In addition, as government workers pay a modest amount toward their pension and healthcare premium, about half the national average, it is fair to give them the choice of additional savings on their union dues.”

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In am a government worker.
I work as a manager in a county in Maryland.
When I started working, I started to pay into the pension plan. It’s not cheap. In addition, I put in close to $500 per month toward my retirement. I plan to retire at 67.
I have held an IRA since I was in my 30’s. I am now 62.
My 27 year old son and my 30 year old daughter have IRAs.
These teachers need to get a grip.
The teachers and school employees work short days (7.5 hours), have a lot of leave, incredible insurance coverage, and pension plans.
They need to get a grip.
Principals have unions… yep. In Maryland teachers and principals got mega bonuses.
They need to get a grip.
Please, do not lump all government employees with these goofballs in Wisconsin. We work hard. We play by the rules, and we know the rules.
People need to grow up and take care of themselves.

THE GOVERNER is doing a very difficult job, but it’s good to see he has the gutt to
hold his own, against unions out of reason, in difficult time, they must get the feel of what the ununionizes AMERICANS are feeling, It cannot be a special treatment because they want to gatherd as a mob to reject what a higher authority as GOVERNER is at the limit to order restraint for everyone,
no exclusion, and the worse thing for them to do is play their tug game,

I hope Gov Walker stands firm. This could (will) have repercussions across North America. js

It seems that this should surprise no one.

As the excerpt, and the highlighted material makes clear, Walker has been an open book as a politician. He has never tried to disguise his stance on the issues of the day, and if it can be said that “[u]nions have always been his piñata, over and over,” then one can hardly be taken by surprise by his stance on unions in general, or on public sector unions in particular.

And despite–or because of–this stance, the voters of Wisconsin elected him Governor in 2010, with a 6 point, 124,000-plus vote margin between himself and his opponent. Not a landslide, but not inconsequential either, especially given the fact that Walker has not shied away from stating clearly his public policy views. In doing so, the voters not only elected Walker, they endorsed his views, views he clearly articulated throughout his career in public life.

He should do to those public employees what Reagan did to the air traffic controllers in the ’80s.

anticsrocks, hi, did REGAN took away their bagpipe?

Well bees, Ronaldus Maximus took the bull by the horns and let not only the union, but the rest of the world know that he was a figure not to be messed with.

So many threads are about this topic on the web, I have been unable to find the comment I wanted to share here.
A poster wrote about his/her own teaching background, that of the grown children, the parents and grandparents.
ALL of them are opposed to what the teachers in Wisconsin are doing by their ”sick out” strike.

Now that the teachers have out-of-state backup to keep the demonstration going they will go back to class.
How would you like them teaching your child right now?
I wouldn’t.

And the concessions?
That is NOT the way our form of government works.
There is a bill in process through the system.
It needs to be voted on.
Up or down.

The concessions are merely yet another way to try to go around the legal process.

anticsrocks thank you I have listen to it and admire Reagan for who he is and has been

@ilovebeeswarzone: Thanks bees, I am quite a big fan of Reagan’s. Here is a post I did recently on him – Reagan stats for his 100th Birthday

I remember Johnnie Carson reporting the plight of the San Diego Chicken. He wanted a contract with the Padres and it was not forthcoming.He had a picket sign and was going to picket Jack Murphy Stadium. He reconsidered, ditched the sign, and headed to a federal office. There were openings and training for air traffic controllers.

anticsrocks, I realy like it, and the EDMUND BURKE QUOTE
thank you SR

Thank you bees. Feel free to subscribe and I will do my best to entertain!

anticrocks makes my point. Reagan did bust the unions in the 80’s and the middle class lost on many levels. This is why it’s important and must not hold.
It’s interesting that you can be smug about this assault on our rights. Yes, our rights. It might not be your niche profession on this day but eventually your day will come.
What evidence is there that this is about the budget. I hear that there was no budget shortfall and that it’s a straw dog.
From my view it’s yet another attempt by special interests to widen the gap between rich and poor. Soon we all wake up to the prospect of bread lines.
Yep, the people of Wisconsin slept as Governor Walker walked into the statehouse. Yet, they do have the right to have their say.


I hear that there was no budget shortfall and that it’s a straw dog.

Hearing it doesn’t necessarily make it true, eh?

“Despite what you may have heard about Wisconsin’s finances, the state is on track to have a budget surplus this year,” she said. “I am not kidding.”


Our conclusion: Maddow and the others are wrong.

@Aye: please read the blogs before you draw conclusions. there is no budget shortfall.

@blackiris: please read the blogs before you draw conclusions. there is no budget shortfall

Another dyed in the wool idiot, suckling at the teat of soundbyte headlines from idiot pundits.

Tell ya what, blackiris… we already debunked that bozo bit in a couple of threads, both here, and here.

Suggest you practice what you preach, and perhaps expand your horizons on reading, and your math comprehension. The world-according-to-Maddow is a fantasy world.

@blackiris: It’s interesting that you can be smug about this assault on our rights.

I guess the Tucson “can’t we all get along” days of non-violent rhetoric are quickly faded. Considering that Obama uses such language, and blackiris laps it up like a hungry dog.

Nice going sweetie… need a few bullseyes or target graphics to pepper your commentary?

Ok then, what is going to happen now in other States that accepted the “Free Stimulus: cash and it runs out?

Blackiris, how do You feel about layoffs that could last for a couple of years for between 5K and 12K of those Public Employees when the “Free Money” is depleted? This is going to happen on a National Scale.
It is called a crapped up economy THAT WILL BE MADE FAR WORSE BY THE CONCEPT OF BORROWED “FREE MONEY”. Did You know that Wisconsin is also UNDERFUNDED on the Unemployment Reserve?
The one that the Federal Government extended that placed the larger part of the Burden on the State when the Stim Cash is depleted?

Are You are as Economically Illiterate as the POTUS or Ms Maddow? Wisconsin’s Governor is trying to save Jobs now. I’m sorry but Folks like you get half of it right but fail to see the larger picture. That is sad.

The post Tucson days of “can’t we just get along” aren’t of my making. I’ve always understood how recalcitrant all of you are and knew that would never come to reality.

Nobody here or here has been terribly open to opposing viewpoint. Like how the site has the like/dislike to keep the discussion homogenized. Must be that you all enjoy hearing one another parrot the conservative speak.

@blackiris: You said:

anticrocks makes my point. Reagan did bust the unions in the 80′s and the middle class lost on many levels. This is why it’s important and must not hold.

As much as I appreciate your giving me credit on something I said, you ought to at least get your facts straight before you do so.

Reagan did not bust “unions.” He enforced a federal statute. He also did so AFTER 7 months of negotiations. Do I really need to look up and post the bullying tactics that PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization) employed to circumvent the law prohibiting federal employee unions from striking? I can if you insist.

As for the lie that Rachel Madcow told on national television (although it is reported that more people watch sonograms than MSNBC), well Aye took care of that for me. Thank you, Aye.

You further said:

It’s interesting that you can be smug about this assault on our rights. Yes, our rights.

Um, who gave you these “rights?” Definition of a right as mentioned in our Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – Declaration of Independence

Therefore, a right can only be granted by a higher power, our Creator. Now if you could point to me in the Declaration of Independence or in our United States Constitution just where it gives you the “right” to collective bargaining, or to having the taxpayers pay for your benefits package then I will concede that I am wrong.


Opposing viewpoints are just fine, just get your facts straight.