Voodoo economics? Tote up the jobs from Obama’s stimulus


Democrats have lambasted Republicans for years for believing in “Voodoo economics.”

Well, the evidence is mounting that economic superstition is alive and well in the nation’s political circles, though it has nothing to do with a fondness for tax cuts. It’s instead the crazy belief that the government can spend its way to prosperity for the rest of us. Underscoring this conclusion, the Ways and Means Committee in the new GOP-majority House released a report titled “It’s Official: On Unemployment and Jobs, Democrats’ 2009 Stimulus Was a Huge Failure.”

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I dunno, I think Obama’s policies have created lots of jobs.

65 new Congressmen
6 new Senators
Hundreds of GOP winners in state races
Dozens of staff members that left the Obama admin

I mean you add these up and hey, he has created more jobs than Carter…

Here’s the most recent graph showing how reality squared with Obama’s prediction that convinced passage of the Recovery (Stimulus) package:
Not too good.
Even without the stimulus we’d have supposedly been in much better shape.
(At least we’d have still had all that MONEY!)

However, slowly, very slowly we are seeing some improvement in our nation’s economy.
For example, government employment has FALLEN by almost a quarter of a million jobs between Nov. 2009 and Nov 2010.
That’s good.
This is mostly because states and counties and cities cannot print their own money.
And Obama cannot bail their workers out indefinitely.
With more people in the USA than ever before we are not gaining enough jobs in the private sector to cause any real growth.
But our shrinkage is lessening…..and that’s a start.