VIDEO: Australian Bully Victim Casey Heynes Speaks Out


They duct taped him to a pole, slapped him and repeatedly dubbed him ‘fatty’ to the point Casey Heynes thought about taking his life.

Now the bullied and overweight teenager has spoken out about that shocking moment when he turned the tables on his tormentor with a stunning wrestling move caught on camera making him a You Tube sensation.

The 15-year-old finally floored the school bully after he repeatedly hit him.

This week he revealed he had snapped because ‘Everything had built up over three years’.

The Aussie schoolboy has received thousands of messages of support from all over the world since the 40-second clip was posted online.

But he denied being a superhero, even though he said he has enjoyed being nicknamed ‘The Punisher’.

His older sister Tiana said he was now an icon, and his father Colin defended his son’s actions, saying he had ‘no choice’ but to react the way he did.

Read more, Video here

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What I can never understand is why they make a hero of the tormentor, who got face time on the morning TV shows aimed at women. In this case, it was the Today show.

The kid was a jerk and should be ostracized, not given TV exposure.

This is why kids are so screwed up.