Valerie Jarrett to uniformed general: More wine, garçon!


According to our tipster, Jarrett was seated at the head table along with several other big-name politicians and a handful of high-ranking military officials. As an officer sporting several stars walked past Jarrett, she signaled for his attention and said, “I’d like another glass of wine.”


White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, who was seated next to Jarret, began “cracking up nervously,” our tipster said, but no one pointed out to Jarrett that the man sporting a chestful of medals was not her waiter.

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I think the funniest part of this is that the General went ahead and served her.
He was non-verbally communicating something he could never have survived as a General had he communicated it in words.
You know what I mean, right?

Hmmm. Perhaps she really didn’t need another glass of wine, maybe Goolsbee’s nerves were a bit frayed for fear of what she would do next.

This is either ignorance or arrogance, I’m not sure which. Either way these are the kind of people dictating the direction for our country…Makes ya sleep good at night doesn’t it…

IS that what the president take advices from? .
AMERICA is not secure with those, and the maddow’s who quote statirist fictive blog
as truth. ,,, Y’all not out of the wood yet.

she might have been an itsy, bitsy tipsy.

It is fashionable and a matter of pride for American Leftists and Socialists to show contempt for the military and those who wear the uniform. Jarrett is a common low-life street hustler who would be nothing without family money and her love for Communism; yet, because of her lack of concrete accomplishments and her Communist past, she can’t even maintain a position within this administration; fortunately, at least for him, Obama has obtained an elected position. Like much of this administration, she is an embarrassment and will now be an ugly part of our history that the Left will not be able to deny or conceal in the future. In her drunken parody of the inebriated Soviet leaders voicing hatred and contempt for American leaders and generals, she has exposed herself as being beneath contempt and brought forth a greater scrutiny upon the man who has subjected the United States to this despicable anti-American flotsam and jetsam from the Chicago sewers.

Add this tidbit to the now mountainous heap of reasons that 2012 cannot get here fast enough.