Unverified Report: Dem Senator Headed Back to Wisconsin


It’s on Twitter and, I repeat, it’s unverified. But it’s from Liberty Chick, whom I find very reliable:

BREAKING: Dem Senator Timothy Cullen has just returned to #WI tonight. WI-14 is now WI-13 #teaparty #wiunion #tcot

Her anonymous source, I can’t vouch for as strongly. (UPDATE: To be clear, because I don’t know who it is.)

We’ll know soon enough.

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Hopefully this is true and we get the ball rolling in Wisconsin again…It’s time for this circus and the sideshow being put on by liberals to end…..

Looks like he’s a brand new senator from Janesville, this from wiki:

On November 2, 2010, Cullen was elected to the State Senate.[5] Culllen was referred to as “the only reasonable one of [the Wisconsin Democrats]” during the 2011 Wisconsin budget protests by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

He’s also signaled from early on that he wanted to get this resolved and, he’s been coming home on the week ends. I guess because the Senate isn’t in session on week ends they can’t be arrested. Wonder if the other 13 have been doing that too?