Twice Deported Worker Kills Houston Police Officer


The tragedy of Officer Kevin Will’s death is compounded by the fact that his killer, Johoan Rodriguez is an illegal immigrant who had twice been deported, only to find his way back into the country. Will is also the sixth consecutive HPD officer to be shot or killed in the line of duty by an illegal immigrant.

Perhaps DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs to rethink her belief that “undocumented immigrants” are not criminals. The Florida congresswoman has stated that undocumented immigrants (like like the twice-deported Johaon Rodriguez), are “part of the backbone of our economy and not only a reality, but a necessity…” I‘m pretty certain that officer Will’s seven-month pregnant widow and his two children would disagree with Ms. Wasserman-Schultz.

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Let’s see, this fits right in with Debbie Dumbass’s narrative:

“the backbone of our economy”
yeah, because jobs are created so that we can hire more people to arrest, detain, prosecute and jail people like Rodriquez.

Don’t forget the left wing excuse that illegals do the jobs Americans won’t do, like killing cops, nuns, ranchers.

Remember, Houston is a sanctuary city that was most recently run my Mayor Bill White who lost to Rick Perry. Personally, Debbie Dumbass, I think it is time to order those cattle cars you claimed we conservatives want an head they south to the border.

We moved out of Houston into what turned out to be another sanctuary, Katy Tx. Honestly, you cannot order a coffee at the local Micky D’s without having language issues and having to navigate the 50 “day workers” out back. We are rapidly approaching the 3rd world in many areas, coincidentally they are the areas that are sanctuaries for illegals and criminals.

Rob, I’m very familiar with Katy (home of the pig races). I lived on Avenue C and then moved to a Williamsburg subdivision for a while. I stopped at Mickey D’s that is right off I-10 on Fry (or is it Mason Rd?, been too long) and not one person working there was anglo. When I placed my order, the counter clerk had to go get someone that spoke English. Apparently, affirmative actionn doesn’t apply to minority owned businesses since you will never walk into a Mexican restraurant that has an anglo working there (except in my smll town).

Illegals are breaking our school system when you figure we have to first hire Spanish speaking teachers so the kids can be taught English. Most of them are on free lunch programs, and it causes the number of “at economic risk” students to skyrocket.

How many Texans have to die at the hands of these people who have no respect for the law, proven when they come across our borders illegally? Pew Hispanic Research did a study and it revealed that most of them know that it is illegal to enter the U.S. without permission, but they don’t care. They have no respect for the law in their native lands so it stands to reason they bring that attitude with them.

I used to live right across an alley from a safe house.
(Years ago)
There were 20 to 30 people there all of the time.
Haircuts were done on the lawn from morning til night.
These adults all bundled into a 1 bedroom place at night but spread out over all their own and all their neighbor’s properties during the day.
More than once they used our front hedge as a urinal.
Before we moved away (in less than 6 months) all the lawns were worn down to dust.
All the plants were poisoned by urine.
And these were all grown-ups here to ”work.”
None were trouble-makers or gang-bangers at all.
But still they were destructive of their own place as well as much of the neighborhood.

Yes, Los Angeles County is a ”Sanctuary County.”

Later I moved to a place where illegals were living in a little bungaloo behind a neighbor;s home.
They had gang bangers in the family.
That was fun…..NOT!
The graffiti was a constant issue.
The garbage, the threats.
Once a bunch of younger kids slashed tires to get into the gang.
Another time they broke car windows all up and down the street.

Police here have to actually catch illegals IN THE ACT of felonies or they cannot make arrests!
They cannot take our word for it!
(They could IF it were NOT an illegal!)

After a gang member decided to ”own” that neighborhood by threatening the lives of everyone not in his gang, we moved.
One neighbor was sideswiped by his car while trying to take out trash!
He also moved.
Still no arrests.

Where we are now the illegals are not an issue only because there are black (born here) drug dealers around.
Weird that they are harsher (more effective) on illegal’s gangs than the police ever have been.

Ah, you went to the “americanized” one on Mason, they just rebuilt it from the ground up, I don’t know why, although from working at Burger King as a kid, maybe the darn grease eventually gets just so thick that it becomes a fire hazard. I actually lived off of fry for a while, then then opened the Mosque behind our house, so we moved to “Old Town Katy.” Now that Mickey D’s is really, really old mexico! What I cannot figure out is the young blacks: the fast food used to be a big supplier of jobs for black kids and many of the black community. What are they doing for jobs now that they are all filled with illegals? Hell, all of the jobs that I did growing up are now done mainly be Hispanics: foundation work, lawn work, fast food. Are white and black kids not applying for these jobs or are they just not being hired? Anyone else remember 20 years ago when there were only 10-15 million illegals in the US? Wait, hell we must be doing a good job on the border because we still, twenty years later only have 10-15 million here? cough, bullshit, cough…

Nan, I had a buddy that rented slum houses in the Gessner/Hempstead hwy area of Houston to Mexicans. I didn’t know what an illegal was back then, but what we found interesting was they all, 5 homes I think, pulled the toilet out of the bathroom for more sleeping room. Now how many do you figure were in those homes that they needed the toilet area? I bet we have at least 30 million illegals here, but then it wouldn’t take too many of those 500 person truckloads over 20 years to run that number up much higher. We have 40-60 million boomers expecting to retire – the numbers just don’t work, we cannot support both and then when you factor in the crime that comes with the 30 million illegals, it is just insane that we should allow this to continue. By any commonsense terms, this is an invasion and we should be turning them back just like we did the British in Louisiana (Proof by the way that we can use the military to defend our borders!). It will not be long, if nothing changes, that you will find little pockets of Americans here and there around the country like you do with Mexicans and others now. I wonder how our new overlords will respect our heritage and traditions?

Retire05, are you still in Tx? Maybe we should do a beer sometime?

Rob, yeah, you couldn’t get me out of Texas by strapping me to a rocket ship.

I didn’t know they Muslims built a mosque in Katy. I know that Katy was fighting one near Old Town. But then, I haven’t lived there in over two decades. My daughter went to school with Clint Black’s brother, who also had a band for awhile and there was only one highschool then; Katy High. Don’t know if he still does. The Blacks lived off Katy Hockley.

Back then, I was friends with the Chief of Police (only he wasn’t the Chief then, he was Chief Detective) and if any of the kids did not get home by curfew, we just called him at home and he sent an officer to find them. Of course, the kids were embarrassed, but hell, we parents didn’t care.

I can’t believe how Katy looks now with all the freeways. Remember Peek Road? Now it’s something Parkway.

I now live in a small (4,600) central Texas town. Don’t miss the big city, and that is what Katy turned into. And don’t miss the problems that come with all those people.

Rob, meant to tell you (and everyone here): I was listening to Michael Berry this afternoon. I can’t get him on the radio so I listen to him on my computer. He said that the illegal that murdered Officer Will was not only someone who had been deported TWICE already, but he was a MS-13 gangbanger and the police ( Michael knows a lot of Houston police officers) said that the illegal gangbanger DELIBERATELY ran over Officer Will. Now, knowing how the Houston news people roll (they are all liberals) you probably didn’t hear that nor will you but it should come out in trial.

You want to be sick? Link:

Take a look at how many Americans have been murdered just by the ILLEGAL drunk drivers. Seems like they’re not coming here to work, they’re coming here to drink and kill Americans.


Confirmation here.

Prosecutors in court today said the man accused of killing a Houston police officer on Sunday is an admitted gang member and an illegal immigrant from Mexico who twice was deported. Assistant Harris County District Attorney Catherine Evans said Johoan Rodriguez, 26, is a member of MS-13, a notorious street gang from El Salvador. “He’s an admitted member of MS-13,” Evans told visiting state District Judge Mike Anderson. Rodriguez is accused of driving through a police barricade on the 610 North Loop freeway and striking HPD officer Kevin Will, who was investigating an accident.

More at link.

Borders Secure: Mission Accomplished!

Odd, that was flagged as spam – LOL, I guess that communications guy at the WH is already on the job!