Trump: ‘Revenge Takes Time, and Can Be Justified.’


by Jack Montgomery

Former President Donald J. Trump told celebrity psychologist Dr. Phil that “revenge can be justified,” while discussing retribution against his political opponents in a set piece interview this week.

Trump, 77, recalled his decision not to pursue Hillary Clinton after the 2016 election. “How would it be [if] I win and I lock Hillary Clinton up? The former president’s wife… I didn’t want to do that,” Trump said.

“I could’ve done that pretty easily. She busted up her phones and she busted up her laptops… She disobeyed a subpoena, and she broke up all this machinery, all this technology, after she got the subpoena,” he observed. However, he “hated” the idea of actually having her imprisoned because he “wanted to bring the country together… through success.”

“Now, the difference is, they’re trying to do it to me, and maybe you could feel different about it, but I don’t feel differently. Retribution is going to be through success,” he added.

However, when Dr. Phil put it to him that he would be too busy to “get even,” the former president warned: “Well, revenge does take time, I will say that. And sometimes revenge can be justified, Phil. I have to be honest.”

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It is the nation and citizens that demand revenge; revenge for trying to turn this free nation into a fascist socialist totalitarian police state. Unless and until those who are undercutting the Constitution are punished, it will only continue and it will only get worse. Trump is but a symbol of the left’s vindictiveness and willingness to trample the Constitution. Their goal, once everyone dedicated to the country have been eliminated, is to direct that oppression on us all.

Show no mercy. Dump the FBI. Fire all the Communist judges and prosecutors appointed by Obama and Biden. Replace the federal prosecutors with state prosecutors to ensure that equal justice under the law prevails. Then go hog wild and take no prisoners. Strip the 51 intel liars of their clearances and forbid any funds to go to any organization that employs them. Prosecute everyone involved in Crossfire Hurricane and its subsequent cover up including Obama for their criminal acts and gross civil rights abuses. Fire the entire Joint Chiefs and any officer who authorized the sexual grooming of kids on military bases ala Drag Time Story Hour. Strip all organizations of their DEI programs. Prosecute Hillary for espionage, destroying evidence, obstruction, perjury, and anything else she is guilty of. Prosecute Pervy for bribery, corruption, money laundering, espionage, perjury, and everything else he is guilty of. Prosecute everyone involved with the massive voter fraud operation that took place in 2020 including those who covered it up like Bill Barr. Release Epstein’s client list and start prosecuting them. Prosecute Faucci and everyone else who killed untold numbers of Americans with their COVID and vaccine lies. Try the cases in flyover country not in DC where the jury is stacked with fellow swamp rats. They should be tried by the whole of the country since that is who their crimes affected.

And that is just the start.

Mike Davis responds — Revenge is best served cold.

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