Trans woman left sobbing in JFK Airport after TSA agent hit her testicles


A transgender woman was left in tears at JFK Airport after she claimed a TSA agent punched her in the testicles while she was going through security, the Daily Mail reported.
The unidentified flyer took to social media to vent about the incident, in which she said the agent “humiliated” her in front of everyone in a series of posts that have since been deleted, according to the outlet.
“hi so a tsa agent at jfk airport punched me in the genitalia, yelled at me for having a penis (?) and humiliated me in front of everyone after i told her to please stop,” she captioned a photo of her crying in the airport bathroom, according to a screenshot of the post.
But the embarrassment didn’t stop there, according to the woman.
“[The TSA agent] followed me into the women’s bathroom and began talking about me to a coworker while I sobbed in a stall,” she wrote, asking friends on the internet for advice as to what she should do.

I cannot get past “her testicles.” This is NOT a trans woman. He is a transvestite.
More at the NY Post

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Apparently he was a good enough transvestite that he got put in the ladies line for the security search before boarding a plane.
He could have said something to stop this poor female (I’m assuming her gender, I know, but so did he) TSA agent was shocked by his suprise package.
But no.
So, whose fault is it?
His, and only his.


Yup should have taken him to the strip search room to make sure it wasnt a tiny bag of explosives. (see underwear bomber)attempted Christmas Day 2009 bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253. I have to admit I laughed. On board, the bomb failed to detonate completely and passengers had to put out the fire. Self inflicted sex change?

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Note: Before going through TSA screening, pack your junk securely.