Top Jewish Americans ponder support for Obama


Some prominent Jewish Americans are rethinking their support for President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election bid after he effectively called on Israel to give back territory it has occupied since 1967 to Palestinians.

The backlash after Obama’s keynote speech on the Middle East has Democratic Party operatives scrambling to mollify the Jewish community as the president prepares to seek a second term in the White House.

Obama on Thursday called for any new Palestinian state to respect the borders as they were in 1967, prompting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to tell him bluntly that his vision of how to achieve Middle East peace was unrealistic.

“He has in effect sought to reduce Israel’s negotiation power and I condemn him for that,” former New York Mayor Ed Koch told Reuters.

Koch said he might not campaign or vote for Obama if Republicans nominate a pro-Israel candidate who offers an alternative to recent austere budgetary measures backed by Republicans in Congress.

Koch donated $2,300 to Obama’s campaign in 2008, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

“I believed that then-Senator Obama would be as good as John McCain based on his statements at the time and based on his support of Israel. It turns out I was wrong,” he said.

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I’m not Jewish so maybe I don’t see the big picture but it always intrigued me that the Democrats can count on the Jewish vote. Asking my Jewish friends this question has never produced an answer other than “Jews are not one issue voters” but nobody has been able to explain this statement. It occurs to me that our imposter in chief has finally exposed himself to the Jewish community for the fraud and liar that he is and the Democrats are for once in a position to lose that vote. Could this be the reason that this two faced poor excuse for a world leader is now vigorously casting his net in other waters? His ass kissing for the Hispanic vote (alligators in the moat) and his suddenly newfound pride in his “Irish ancestry” ? What’s next, is he about to reveal that some of his best friends are Norwegian? What he just asked Israel to do was enter a game of Russian roulette with all the chambers loaded.

Twenty years in the pews of the right Rev. Wright’s church. Backed by Jessie, Sharpton, the black panthers, all tolerant of the Jewish community. //// No they are not a one issue voting block, at least not when it comes to protecting and standing up for their own. I have searched for explanations all over, read thousands of articles looking for a reason, I am baffled.

Buffalobob, hi, maybe they are following one that dictate to them who to vote for,
but they might switch the next time, some of them are old too old to see the diffrence, look how some of them vote on the mosque to be built.