This Is How Dem-Led Criminal Cases Against Trump Are Going



Georgia appeals court on Wednesday officially stayed the sham racketeering case against Donald Trump until at least October. That would be weeks before the election. Holding a trial then would be unprecedented even for the Soviet Democrats.

The case is unlikely to go to trial before November 5.

The appeals court will not hear arguments on Trump’s appeal until October. That really doesn’t leave enough time for the case to go to trial before November. There are a number of legal issues Judge Scott McAfee still must sort through.

It’s unlikely that Scott McAfee will set a trial date before the election.

In the meantime, Fani Willis is still on the case in Georgia, and that is one of the appeals still to be heard. Willis financially benefited herself and her boyfriend, Nathan Wade, who she appointed as the prosecutor.


As reported, the Florida documents case is not likely to be heard anytime soon. Judge Eileen Cannon has scheduled a multi-day hearing on Trump’s argument that Special Counsel Jack Smith was not properly appointed. He wasn’t. Let’s hope Cannon agrees.

Cannon will allow outside groups to join in on the arguments during the day-long hearing on June 21. There will be more arguments on the topic on June 24, with Smith being allowed to argue his motion on a gag order for Trump at the end of the day. Smith wants a gag order because he’s falsely claiming that Trump is endangering law enforcement. He says Trump claimed that a search warrant executed on his Florida home when he was not there was an attempt to “take me out.”

Last I heard, Donald Trump is entitled to that opinion since they were given deadly force if necessary orders, which are apparently typical, standard, and routine orders.

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Gee, the further away from NYC you get, the easier it is to defeat these erroneous fascist lawfare cases.