The World Goes On While America Sleeps…Debt is soaring, jobs are ending, cancel culture is spreading like a virus, and China is laughing



The Democratically controlled Senate spends thousands of collective hours conducting an impeachment trial against a president who is no longer president.

The acquittal is predetermined, as in the first impeachment effort a year ago — and known to be so to the Democratic prosecutors.

The constitutionally mandated presiding judge — the chief justice of the Supreme Court — refused to show up. Chief Justice John Roberts apparently believes that an impeachment trial of a private citizen is either a waste of time or unconstitutional — or both.

The Democratically controlled House of Representatives is busy ferreting out purportedly extremist Republican House members. For the first time in memory, one party now removes committee members of the other party.

Yet for each Republican outlier, there is a corresponding Democratic firebrand member who has either called for violence or voiced anti-Semitic slurs — and yet will not be removed from House committees.

So the asymmetrical tit-for-tat continues.

The subtext to this madness is that the Democratic Congress, the new administration, the administrative state, and the political Left are obsessed with dismembering the presidential corpse of now-citizen Donald Trump.

Apparently, they fear that one day he will rise from the infernal regions to wreak his revenge.

Meanwhile, life in America goes on.

Yet few of our leaders are very worried about the existential crises left unaddressed by their obsessions with the ghost of Trump.

Take the debt. It is now nearly $28 trillion, and it is growing by almost $2 trillion a year. No one in D.C. talks about reducing the annual budget deficit. Nor do officials find ways to balance the budget. The idea of paying off the monstrous debt remains a fantasy.

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No one has stopped Trump from spouting lies and incendiary nonsense.

I guess you don’t remember the Demediacrats suppressing the news of the Biden’s love affair with the CCP. That truth would have cost the idiot Biden 17% more fraud to commit. Voter fraud is not disproved; it’s just suppressed.

Slept through January 6th, did you? I’d have thought you would at least have seen a few of the reruns.

Instigated and led by the left. But, at best, you have ONE. That leaves Minneapolis, Kenosha, Rockford, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle, Olympia, DC, NY and Atlanta, to name a few. For 4 years.

No, I mean an occasion that should have defined the limit of acceptable behavior for any future president.

I think running guns to Mexican cartels, using the IRS to attack conservatives, paying terrorists to spread terrorism and using the FBI to spy on the opposition party pretty much defined the limits. We are lucky Republicans don’t sink to those levels. Now we have a president* that coddles his CCP business partners. I believe we’ll see the idiot Biden lower even Obama’s corrupt bar. Killing jobs for fun is a pretty low limit.

There was no significant fraud.

Oh, you’ve gone from no fraud to no SIGNIFICANT fraud. Yeah, the evidence is getting irrefutable. Hell, even the Democrats blamed Dominion for their loss in New York. Eventually, when the extent of the fraud is proven even to you, you’ll say, “Gosh, you should have TOLD us!”

Now, once and for all, are you finally clear that Trump did NOT call Nazis fine people and did, in reality, denounce white supremacists? Or, will you merely wait a few seconds and repeat that lie again? HOW ABOUT AN ANSWER?

@Ronald J. Ward: @Ronald J. Ward: #29
Once is enough for a man of integrity. But you wouldn’t understand.


There’s no integrity in one who takes an oath and then cowardly betrays that oath.

There’s no integrity in those who supports that breach.

“No integrity” is actually being generous.

@Ronald J. Ward: No integrity is supporting the seditious traitors that have been trying to carry out a seditious coup for 4 years.

@Ronald J. Ward: #53
I’m old, and walk with a cane.
But come here to Georgia, Ronald.
Tell me to my face that I’ve cowardly betrayed my oath.
You’ve proven time and again that you have no concept of honor or integrity.
You, Ronald Ward, have no authority to tell me that I’ve betrayed any oath.
I know you, Ronald. You don’t come here to try to convince anyone. You come here because you can publish your lies and insults with no fear of repercussion.
You are a coward without honor, scum without depth.

@Petercat: AJ doesn’t even have the guts to answer a question. You think he would actually face off with someone? Hardly.

Steve Bannon on the Upcoming Debt Ceiling Debate: “You Have the Power. It Is Your Decision that Will Be the Decision that Will Be Executed.”

The entire spending spree that Benedict biden wants is now DOA

Biden Shuffles Away, Ignores Reporters After Claiming His $3.5 Trillion “Infrastructure” Bill Would End Inflation and Extreme Weather

Biden Admits Life Sucks Under His Presidency, “For Too Many it’s Harder and Harder to Pay Bills, Gas, Rent”

…and Trump’s cult members believe that it’s all a result of something Joe Biden did, after only 8 months.

As of this morning, there are over 8,000 illegals camped under the International Bridge in Del Rio, Texas. They were not there when the previous president was in office. And the Taliban were not slaughtering women in Kabul until Talibiden decided to surrender to the enemy.

They’re waiting there to be processed. Joe Biden didn’t bring them. All he has done is try to deal with the reality of the situation.

Del Rio, Texas, is a crisis and a warning about our ‘America First’ mentality

…But what’s happening at Del Rio, Texas, is just the latest lesson that we either help desperate people in their country or we will have to deal with them at the southern border or on American soil.

Make no mistake. When people are hungry, homeless, are tortured by gangsters, raped – seeing their family members killed – they’ll come, whether we want them to or not.

Conservatives are conveniently ignoring that fact, choosing instead to throw the unfolding human crisis as red meat to their political base…

How, exactly, does Abbott plan to “close down the points of entry”? It’s just typical Trumpian political posturing that impresses his base but in reality means NOTHING. Half of the area under the Del Rio International Bridge, for example, is in Mexico, so there’s a bit of a jurisdictional problem.

Maybe Trump’s United States Space Force Guardians could have landed and set up impenetrable force fields.

Perhaps Talibiden can repeal federal border laws and allow the border states to handle the problem? Oh, wait, he already expects those of us who live in southern border states to pick up the tab for the failure of the federal government.

Or maybe would could quit sending any money to those nations that don’t seal their own borders? What a hellofa deal for them; we send them millions of $$ and they send us their poverty class that they don’t want to take care of then the feds dump the cost of taking care of them on the states.

Biden didn’t repeal any federal border laws. Here’s a list of what he DID do, with an explanation of each item further down the page:

President Biden’s Executive Actions on Immigration