The Woke Hypocritical Members of the World Economic Forum Are Intent on Enacting A “Silent Global Coup D’état”


by Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62, CAPT, USN(Ret)/Former FBI

If you watch this short video,

you will be able to listen to the comments of a wise, perceptive, and rationally thinking young lady who expresses her concerns about the double standard and hypocrisy of the world’s new Woke rules. Those new Woke rules do not make sense, yet they are being promoted on Social Media and in the Leftist Media Establishment, controlled by Socialist, Marxists, and the advertising dollars of Communist China; they are trying to impose those irrational beliefs and rules on intelligent Judeo/Christian people who do not believe, and will not abide by those irrational beliefs and rules.

What comes to mind with the world’s new woke rules is how Klaus Schwab, Chairman and Founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), his assistant Yuval Noah Harari, and other Woke leaders of the WEF have been trying to force irrational beliefs on intelligent people, while devising ways to take control of their political organizations, economy, social media, environmental issues, and the medical treatment of their citizens in their free and independent nations.  Klaus Schwab was raised by his Nazi father, and inherited the high technology metal German company, Escher-Wyss, from his father.  Escher-Wyss was a high technology metals German company entrusted by Adolf Hitler to develop nuclear weapons; Hitler praised Klaus Schwab’s father.

The WEF is an international organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, that brought together wealthy individuals, Leftist political leaders, and Woke business leaders who fly their private jets to Davos, Switzerland to attend the annual meeting of the WEF.  They discuss significant issues that impact their goal of enacting a “silent global coup d ’etate” to capture global governance, the global economy, and the political control of the world’s nations under a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  The elite leaders of the WEF, headed by Klaus Schwab, often state that Americans suffer from too much freedom.  The priority of the WEF is to first eliminate the free and independent government of the US Constitutional Republic, to make it much easier for the WEF to take control of the rest of the nations of the world.

By their annual greedy and egotistical pronouncements, the members of the WEF have revealed that they believe that they alone have the superior ability to reshape the world, to change it in the way they feel it should exist, so they can take control, and run it through a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT they will create.  The WEF has been collaborating with Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Director of the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO), who abolished democracy in his organization, and is working to impose medical restrictions and the control of treatment on the world’s population during pandemics, while restricting free and independent nations from treating their own citizens medically.  In the past WHO required experimental gene therapy injections into the world’s population during the Covid pandemic, the result of that experiment was that over 20 million people were killed by those unsafe Covid injections with vials containing dangerous mRNA metal impurities.  Yet the Biden/Obama administration has been negotiating with WHO to give it the authority to control the United States’ medical Pandemic policies; that would be a very dangerous policy, and a violation of US sovereignty.

If the above listed WEF policies were approved and followed by the government of the United States, it would result in American Citizens no longer having the freedoms or rights accorded them by the US Constitution.  The net result would be that the US population would be controlled by the WEF that is trying to control the US Constitutional Republic by a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  In 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported that in a New York meeting of billionaires, that Bill Gates, George Soros, Eli Broad, Warren Buffett, David Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Bloomberg, and other billionaires came together, and agreed with the WEF’s goal of shrinking the world’s populations.  Those policies of eliminating millions of members of the world’s population have continue to be aggressively promoted by Bill Gates.

In the insanity of the recent WEF annual meeting at Davos, the ruling class proposed using insects to feed the masses as the source of protein, and to cut climate pollution from agriculture.  The insanity did not end there, a Brazilian Shaman called Putanny Yawanawa performed a native atheist spiritual ceremony onstage, by blowing her breath into the faces of the leaders of the World Economic Forum.  Those same WEF leaders would have recoiled in embarrassment if a Christian Priest had offered them a Communion wafer.

At the recent Annual Meeting of the WEF in Davos, the President of the Heritage Foundation spoke to the wealthy individuals, Leftist political leaders, and Woke business leaders who are members of the WEF.   He stated, that former President Donald Trump, the new President of Argentina and many other leaders of freedom loving countries (i.e. such as England, India, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Taiwan, Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Israel, the Philippines, South Korea, Guam, etc.), fully intend to remain independent, and will fight to prevent leaders of the WEF from taking control of their populations and medical treatment of their citizens.

The above listed strong and resolute leaders of the free and independent nations referred to above, have not been working to “awaken sheep,” but instead have been working to “AWAKEN LIONS” within their nations!  The leaders of those free nations and the newly “AWAKENED LIONS” have rejected WHO’s attempt to control the medical treatment of the citizens of those free and independent nations.  The hypocritical leaders of the WEF, Socialists, Marxists, and Communists who have been trying to take control and enslave the free people of the world, are power and money-hungry individuals and organizations who have anointed themselves as all-knowing Gods.

Supporters of the WEF are enrolled, trained, and indoctrinated in Socialism and the organization of the One World Government by Klaus Schwab.  Some of the well-known graduates of Klaus Schwab’s indoctrination and training program include but are not limited to the following individuals: Vlad Zelensky (President of Ukraine), Justin Trudeau (PM of Canada), Emmanuel Macron (the President of France), Gavin Newsom (Gov. Calif.), Bill Gates, Chelsea Clinton, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Larry Fink (BlackRock), Peter Thiel (eBay), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Nikki Haley (Republican US Pres. candidate), Nathaniel Rothschild, Tony Blair (former PM UK), Angela Merkel (Germany), Jonathan Soros, (son of George), Huma Abedin (Hillary Clinton aid), Prime Minister Jacinda Adern of New Zealand, Pete Buttigieg (Secretary of Transportation), Sanna Marin (Finland PM), Alexander Stubb (former Finland PM), and many others who support the WEF.

Other supporters of the WEF oppressive and leftist policies listed above are George Soros, Director of WHO Tedros Ghebreyesus, Dr Anthony Fauci, Eli Broad, Barrack Husein Obama, US Director of National Intelligence Avrel Haines, Joe Biden, US Trade Representative Katherine Tai, John Kerry, US Sec of Labor Martin J. Walsh, Nancy Pelosi, CEO of J. P. Morgan Jamie Dimon, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY), UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Illian Omar (D-MN), Executive Director of UNICEF Catherine Russell, David Rockefeller, European Central Bank Pres Christine Lagarde, Rashid Talib (D-MI), Dutch Prime Miniter Mark Rutte, Alibaba Pres J. Michael Evans, Founder of Nike Sam McCracken, Dell Pres Adrian McDonald, Western Union CEO Devin McGranahan, and many other Woke leftists support that WEF’s plan to subjugate the free and independent nations of the world.

The unelected elites in the WEF are pushing for radical restrictive policies in “The Great Reset” scheduled for 2030, when the WEF will usher in “The New World Order” which includes, the elimination of private property, and personal transportation.  The plan is to shift the country’s currency to a digital currency that can be easily manipulated by the unelected elites.

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The WEF/UN/CFR their the real enemies of all Humanity and every living creature upon the Earth