The testimony Merchan would not allow- the testimony that would have exonerated Trump


From former FEC Commissioner Brad Smith


Let’s take a stab… Falsifying business records under NY law is a misdemeanor, unless done to hide a crime. Bragg says that crime was a violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA), or of a NY statute making it illegal to influence an election by “unlawful” means./1

But if the latter, what is the “unlawful means?” An alleged violation of FECA. So it comes down to FECA. There are two potential violations here. One is acceptance of an unlawful contribution by the campaign. The other is incorrect reporting of a contribution by the campaign. /2 
Either way, we have to have a campaign contribution. That allegedly occurred when Cohen advanced money to pay the Stormy Daniels settlement. FECA defines a contribution as any payment made “for the purpose of influencing an election.” The 2016 max legal contribution was $2700. /3 
This looks bad for Trump–it’s pretty easy to conclude the payment was made to influence the election by buying Daniels’ silence, right? And Cohen paid Daniels $130K, way over the limit. Well, it’s not so simple. /4 
1st, let’s clear up something. Cohen just loaned the money–he was paid back and then some. So where, some ask, is the contribution? But this is not a winner for Trump–under the law a “contribution” includes a loan, unless made in the ordinary course of business (e.g. a bank) /5
But, for context, note that there is no limit on how much Trump can contribute to his own campaign. By Oct 27, when Daniels was paid, Trump had already spent >$60 million of his own $$ on the campaign. It would have been easy for him to toss in another $130K. /6
Now, back to that definition of “contribution.” If they bought Daniels silence to “influence an election”–what the prosecution alleged–isn’t that a “contribution?” (And also a campaign “expenditure,” which mirrors the contribution definition?) Well, no. /7
1st, Common Sense. We know that a campaign expense is not literally any payment made “for the purpose of influencing an election,” and reading the statute that way would be WAY too broad. For example, in 1999, Bill & Hillary Clinton bought a house in New York. /8
One reason they did so was that Hillary could run for U.S. Senate from New York. In other words, the expenditure was clearly done, in part, “for the purpose of influencing an election.” Is it a campaign expenditure under FECA? Of course not. Common sense. /9
How about if a would-be candidate pays a lawyer to seal old divorce records, because he is afraid that, if revealed, they would be damaging to his candidacy. Campaign expense? No, clearly not–even though done “for the purpose of influencing an election.” /10
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It is abundantly clear why Merchan and fat turd Bragg didn’t want the jury to hear any of this. This is why the left routinely employs censorship and wants to use it more; they want to present the lies and suppress the truth so their lies become the truth. The prosecution presented a lie to the jury, which probably preferred believing a lie that made Trump look guilty. Merchan censored the truth, preventing Smith from explaining to the jury the actual law.

And that’s how totalitarianism works.

I will say it until the cows come home. There are dozens of reversible errors which occurred during the show trial that any right think judge or appellate court would immediately reverse the verdict. It is an embarrassment to what would otherwise be a blind system of justice.

A real judge wouldn’t have even allowed this fascist disgrace in his courtroom. It seems Merchan was specifically selected for his ideological trustworthiness.

Judge Merchan bring dishonor to the Courts he need to be totally fired from the job and be busted down to Grounds Keeper pulling weeds on his knees

He’s brought dishonor upon the entire nation. The entire world see this. Our friends are disgusted and our adversaries are laughing their asses off.

We are looked at now as a totalitarian state.

Republican Senator Rand Paul on Trump Verdict: “I Worry About 50 Percent of the Public Believing That the Court System Will be Used Against Them” (VIDEO)

With the fascist totalitarian Democrats controlling the DoJ, it is definitely a legitimate concern.

FIREWORKS! Matt Gaetz and Merrick Garland Spar Over Judge Merchan and Biden DOJ Hatchet Man Matthew Colangelo Sent to Bragg’s Office to ‘Get Trump’ (VIDEO)

Every time these criminals are asked a simple question, they duck, dodge and avoid answering. How hard is it to provide the requested emails? We ALL assume it would totally exonerate the DoJ and we want to see that. I said it before, thank GOD this fascist piece of shit is not on the Supreme Court. Despite everything else, thank YOU, McConnell.


BREAKING: Judge Merchan Issues Letter to All Parties Acknowledging Potential Juror Misconduct on Social Media


‘My cousin is a juror… Trump is getting convicted’ message left on NY court page before verdict.

Last edited 16 days ago by TrumpWon

President Trump was supposed to be sentenced on July 11th, however, a new development could call into question the entire case. The day before the conviction was handed down, a Facebook user by the name “Michael Anderson” commented that Trump was going to be convicted, sourcing that claim to his cousin, who he claimed was on the jury.

He describes himself as “Transabled & a professional shit poster”—i.e. he’s a social media troll.

Which pretty much is the definition of a leftist.

The danger of the Trump Cult, in a Nutshell:

Trump and Biden in dead heat in Minnesota, Virginia and New Hampshire.

Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden declares all white male service members white supremacist extremists, had them investigated and re-educated. He called Border Patrol agents racists, condemned them publicly and, even after it was proved he was a stupid idiot moron dumbass, he never apologized. Trump didn’t leave service members out to dry and get them killed in Afghanistan.

Trump supports the military, Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden and the left hate them.

Frightened little girl Scarborough. Totally lacking in any credibility.

Trump supporters succumb to hot air: Extreme heat sends 11 to hospital at Arizona Trump rally

…Trump is next expected to hold a campaign event in Las Vegas on Sunday, where the campaign plans to double the number of EMS staff on site, provide more than 38,000 bottles of water and a cooling tent with air conditioning for supporters, CNN reported Friday.

That city is also seeing record temperatures. The forecast high of 112F (44C) in Las Vegas on Thursday would be the city’s earliest observed 112F day on record…

People support Trump. Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden can’t get voters to come out to see him unless he drags some degenerate celebrity along with him.

I’d say it looks like a fake, but it is also about how seriously these left wing lemmings take the justice process in NYC. Hopefully, they use some means other than the FBI to find the person that posted this. If they posted at night, they’ll NEVER find them.

Merchan wouldn’t declare a mistrial if all 12 jurors went on CNN before they went into deliberation and declared they decided Trump was guilty before the trial started. The DNC NEEDS this too much. For Democrats, the polls determine what “justice” is.