The Soros propaganda machine and shale gas


America’s huge reserves of natural gas-bearing shale offer lower energy prices, and the hope of increasing our energy independence. George Soros is determined to use his wiles and network of grant recipients to hobble development of America’s energy ace in the hole.

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So, a Soros-backed Silent Spring?
Why am I surprised?
George Soros also held back the development of very poor people in Europe when he paid them a small bit of money to sign up to trade their future developements for cash now.
Only a minority of these ill-educated peasants knew that the pittance of cash now meant no coal or metal mining later….ever.
And they were sitting on figurative gold mines.
Why, I have to ask myself, does George Soros want people to all be poorly fed, clothed, heated, schooled?
What is in it for him?
What motivates monsters like him?

It would be good if Congress/Justice Dept/SEC investigated Soros and his meddling in our politics and our markets but sometimes the best disinfectant is sunlight. I suspect he would “dissolve” if a ray of light were to come in direct contact with him.

Isn’t natural gas wonderful to use during these vicious cold snaps that we’re having. Its clean and efficient. Well done Penn State and W Virginia.
On one hole I consulted we spent over a quarter mil. washing and pumping free chlorides, in order to protect ground water and its systems. Use of swamp water was also restricted. Very tight regs. No shortcuts and excellent casing and cement runs. Awesome profits coming up and safety of supply. Everybody benefits.

I grew up in the southern-tier of NY (left a long time ago) where the Marcellus formations are. If you follow the local newspaper blogs you will see the anti drilling propaganda. The law suites against fracking. Northern PA just over the boarder are reaping the benefits of this clean energy resources, while NY is wrapped around an axle debating on wheather they should prosper or continue to listen to the tenured professors at SUNY. Their mantra is save the earth live in a cardboard shack, hell most of the 3rd world get by just fine.