The Obama Cabal: A Tale of Lies, Corruption, and Clownery


by James Howard Kunstler

The miasma of anxiety befogging so many brains in our troubled land begins to lift as every narrative served up by the US fascist intel blob goes annoyingly stale and impotent. The worst media meme — that a vicious officialdom is “defending our democracy” — gets laughed out of the room now when repeated incessantly by such shills as Jen Psaki and Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC. Everybody understands they want to “defend our democracy” by cancelling your freedom of speech, pounding you into bankruptcy, and stealing whatever remains of your stuff.

Likewise, everything else, namely: that our doings in Ukraine are a “fight for freedom,” that “white supremacy” lurks just out of sight getting ready to pounce on the “marginized” (who are actually running things, and doing it very badly), that “Joe Biden” turned around the economy, that “voting rights” equals non-citizens getting to vote, that election fraud is a “big lie” (and that the J-6 riot over it was an “insurrection”), and that the Covid vaccines were “safe and effective.”

None of these dishonest persuasions work anymore, and all of the persuasion machinery stands in plain sight like so many nauseating carnival rides. One by one, the rides are flying apart, scattering debris and body parts of the poor slobs who were on the rides all over the fairgrounds. And so, the fear rises in the ones running the carnival. The county sheriff stands by looking to round up the sleazeball carnies with their missing teeth and needle tracks inside their elbows. Before long, they will find themselves in the courtroom. . . .

The vicious officialdom put up the carnival and all of its rides to distract the public from the crimes they committed during and after the 2016 election. Donald Trump’s idle talk about putting Hillary Clinton in jail struck nerves throughout the federal bureaucracy, the halls of Congress, and the strongholds of the Clintons and the Obamas.

The Clintons had literally bought the Democratic Party apparatus under the DNC, using the money they grifted into the Clinton foundation from such operations as the Uranium One deal, the Skolkovo war-tech transfer deal, and the Haiti earthquake relief effort. They were sure that ownership of the DNC guaranteed the election for Hillary. It did guarantee that she would overcome Bernie Sanders’ primary election victories and the delegates that came with them, even after Julian Assange’s Wikileaks release informed the world just how the Clintons bought and paid for the DNC and the whole Philadelphia convention. Call this the birth of the “misinformation” cult, in which everything true was converted into a “big lie.”

The problem was, Hillary lost that election. What a surprise! Buying the convention was not enough, it turned out. Those “deplorables” did the unthinkable: cast enough of their stinky votes in just the right rust belt precincts to elect the Golden Golem of Greatness, who was as surprised as anybody, and really unprepared to cobble together an actual governing administration — in the process of which, Donald J. Trump was completely buffaloed by the outgoing Obama gang. They plotted by the lights of the White House Christmas tree to go after the interloper with all they had, starting with the surgical removal of a most dangerous appointee, National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, who knew all the secrets. . . and from there onto four years of Russia, Russia, Russia. . . .

It’s hardly a mystery anymore how “Joe Biden” got elected. It’s perfectly obvious despite the “big lie” narrative that the 2020 election was stoked with a veritable orgy of ballot fraud and direct election interference by agency rogues, especially the ones leaning hard on Facebook, Twitter, and Google to manipulate what the public actually saw. Don’t believe your lying eyes they told the nation. What is a mystery is why they chose “Joe Biden” to front for the cabal around Barack Obama actually running the show.

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Today’s ruling by the DC Circuit on Steve Bannon’s claim of executive privilege is both shameful and predictable, as the DC courts are filled with partisans and cowards.

We’ve had constitutional executive privilege for 250 years, going back to George Washington.

So Presidents can get candid advice from their presidential advisors (both inside and outside of government( without fear they will get hauled before Congress—and especially not get thrown in prison.

Yet Peter Navarro, President Trump’s White House trade director, is currently sitting in federal prison.

And the DC Circuit just approved the imprisonment of Steve Bannon, one of President Trump’s top outside presidential advisors.

Constitutional executive privilege is bedrock to the functioning of the presidency. Courts must not allow partisan prosecutors to ignore it or disregard it simply because someone didn’t check the right box or fill out the right form.

The destruction of constitutional executive privilege—by Biden, his Justice Department, House Democrats, and these DC judges—to get Trump is short-sighted and highly destructive to the presidency.

Especially as they ignore Biden’s blatant foreign corruption and Hunter’s own blatant contempt of Congress.

Truly shameful.

Biden (and Obama) White House officials must understand they are now fair targets under a Trump 47 Justice Department.

Are law clerks and other key advisors to judges?

The Supreme Court—shamefully and cowardly—declined to step in before Biden sent Peter Navarro to prison.

Apparently, constitutional lifetime tenure and pay protection isn’t enough for the justices to find their backbones—and protect the presidency, and thus our country, from this destruction.

When the federal courts lose their legitimacy, they must lose their funding.


obama by far was the most anti American president in the history of this country. What we are experiencing now was initiated by obama. Trump in 2016 put a wrench in their plans by defeating hillary. The plan was to do what they are doing now in 2016 forward for at least one if not two terms of hillary.
The democrats stole the 2020 election so as to stop Trump and resume their attack on America. Normal Americans are waking up to the rot that is the present democrat party. Should they want to steal it again, they will need to make the vote total for biden exceed 100 million.
Axios the other day had a piece where the word has been put out to not only do not talk about bidenomics, but say nothing of the 81 million votes or that it was the most secure election. The buried lede there is they know they stole it and they n
know a significant percentage of Americans now know that as well.

obama knew joe was losing it mentally.
He talked joe into running be appealing to joe’s love of family, sons and all.
Of course, jill was a big help, being as ambitious as they come.
But joe can be euthanized at just the right time for michael obama to run in his stead.
And the constant attempts to normalize sexual perversion is peaking at just the right time in case michael has to “come out” as a man.

They cannot seriously run joe. He is so damaged.

Except his SOTU speech proved what a dynamic genius he is. Remember? Is the Ministry of Propaganda going to go back on that?

obama knew joe was losing it mentally.

Of course he did. Obama never liked Joe Biden. But they needed someone who would not disagree with Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.

He talked joe into running be appealing to joe’s love of family, sons and all.

That was the shortest conversation on record. Obama, and his team, understood how ambitious Joe Biden is, and how he lacks intellect. Biden, who had already ran twice for the presidency, was the option in the event Trump defeated Hillary. Run Joe next, Biden was malleable. So the Obama’s bought a fancy home in Kalorama. Go by it any day and you will see the driveway filled with cars with fed license plates. Now why would that be? The plan was set. Bring back all the Obama players, Blinken, Sullivan, Kirby; Obama 3.0

Of course, jill was a big help, being as ambitious as they come.

Dr. Jill knew her husband was cratering. It was unavoidable during the four years of Trump. But the plan was made when Hillary lost; keep Joe in the basement due to a planned “pandemic”, rig the elections in the swing states (like Georgia). Jill was more than willing to see her husband be humiliated on the global scene because the lifestyle at the White House was more important to her than her husband. Still is. She is a disgusting human being.

04/30/24 – Doctors are warning of Trump’s dementia—it’s time corporate media report on this!

When more than 500 licensed mental health professions—including best-selling authors and well-respected psychologists—sign a petition warning that Donald Trump has clear signs of dementia, you would think corporate media would cover the story. But of course that would conflict with the corporate media’s non-stop narrative that President Biden is the one with cognitive issues…

Our Diagnostic Impression of Trump is Probable Dementia

1) Decline from baseline:

Overall, he shows a shocking decline in verbal fluency from his previous baseline. He was once highly articulate, with a sophisticated vocabulary, and spoke in polished paragraphs. Now, his vocabulary is impoverished, he often has difficulty finishing a thought, sentence or even a word. Typical of dementia patients he perseverates and overuses superlatives and filler words.

People who worked closely with Trump during his administration are reporting a shocking deterioration in just 4 years.

2) Memory:

Forgetting names and dates is normal for people who are aging (like Joe Biden). But the Dementia Care Society says “confusing people and generations” is a sign of advanced dementia. Recently, Trump confused Nikki Haley and Nancy Pelosi. 8 times he said he was running against Obama. He didn’t look like he was joking. An example of confusing generations: Trump said his father was born in Germany, when that was his grandfather. Michael Wolff wrote Trump not infrequently failed to recognize old friends.

3) Language

Trump shows formal signs of disordered speech we typically see only in organically impaired patients. Trump is verbalizing an increasing number of “phonemic paraphasias. Using non-words in place of real words that may include a fragment of the actual word. For example saying “mishuz” instead of missile, or “Chrishus” insead of Christmas. Sometimes he just uses sounds that don’t resemble words at all. 

Trump evidences ‘semantic aphasia’ where he uses words in the wrong way. For example, “the oranges of the investigation.”

Trump evidences “tangential thinking” where he drifts from one unrelated thought to another, and sometimes tries to confabulate them into a story. But the narrative is literally incoherent. With increasing frequency he degenerates into literal incoherence, where no one can tell what he was trying to say.

4) Motor:

Trump shows evidence of a “wide based gait” commonly found among patients with dementia. He swings his right leg in a semi-circle as if it were a dead weight. He also show deterioration in fine motor coordination, for example having difficulty drinking a bottle of water.

5) Behavior:

He is showing marked deterioration in impulse control and judgement.

This represents a unique danger because of Trump’s pre-existing Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As he continues to deteriorate he will become even more erratic, impulsive, paranoid, and aggressive than he already is. A demented malignant narcissist as president of the United States would have unimaginably catastrophic consequences.

Not only is Trump unfit, but he cognitively incapable of carrying out the duties of president. Under normal circumstances, relatives of such a patient would be seeking consultation with experts, and considering long term care, as he continues to deteriorate.

We feel an ethical obligation to warn the public, and urge the media to cover this national emergency.

To date, 2,261 licensed professionals have signed the petition.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Oh, that’s funny, Comrade Greggie. Take all the unfortunate signs of Joe Biden’s dementia, and his failing physical condition, and apply it to the Republican candidate.

Of course, there’s no record of how many of these “professionals” have personally examined Donald Trump, and it is quite unprofessional to make medical declarations without actually examining the patient.

Maybe you should talk to Dr. Ronnie Jackson, who actually examined Joe Biden when Biden was VP.

Your desperation has become pathetic.

Biden is old, but not slipping into dementia. Trump is clearly off his rocker.

Last edited 1 month ago by Greg

Speaking of delusional and slipping into dementia…

Not off his rocker?
Canibals, what kind of neighborhood and church he attended, arrest records, why he is a GB Packer fan. He also talks to dead people.

He drove an 18 wheeler.

Have we considered that Greg may simply be overcome with sarcasm?

Dot make be call for the Guys with the Nets for you

comment image

Ya but with it mentally enough to stand trial. Joey on documents he thieved out of the scif, not so much.

Have you no shortage of straws to desperately and pathetically grasp at? Have you SEEN Trump speaking and compared it to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden? Get a f**king clue.

Watch any of his rallies. He frequently goes of telepromter and speaks extemporaneously multiple times during a 1 1/2 to 2 hour rally. gregs desperation is increasing day by day as it becomes more and more evident, Trump will win in November.

Your the ones who is Delusional Pinhead, Biden is Senile and too Unstable