The “mostly peaceful protesters” are dragging cops through the streets in Chicago.


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The more things change; the more they stay the same.

the Press has lied about anti America lib violence for 75 years!
56 years ago at Cal a violent thug and his “Goons at The Gate” sent America lovers to hospital with their “F U C K !” signs. The Press called the beatings – “peaceful protests”!

the vicious thug was a progressive hero and they spent $millions of taxes all across America to honor him – Mario Savio~

the gay idiot mayor of chi comes from a drug ridden family. her alleged personal appearance is a pimp on a druggies ass. she was born and raised in massillon, ohio. her brother had drug issues but she alleges she ” did not become a lawyer because of that.” if one looks at her history and not the crap wiki she sold her sole to the democrap party and was fast tracked in chi. all chi mayors have a hatred for cops, that is why, with the exception Jane Burns, are all cop hating, that is why they are elected.