The liberal list of words that will cause a problem


1. HIT:

example: You hit the nail on the head.

This may cause a run on nails and hammers by the criminally insane taking this literally.

2. SLAY:

example: Hahahaha, you Slay me!

This could be confused with telling some nut that you are being literal. LOCK YOUR DOORS AND WINDOWS!

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Curt – We will see. I am sure with the maturity level I’ve seen in the comments on blogs, more so, Rants of the many Left, I am sure the language factor or ‘word’ factor will be short lived. The First Amendment allows ‘free speech’ a ‘right’ Americans will not allow this to be hushed or diminished.

Another thing that ‘kills me’ (not others just me) is that according to Loughlers ramblings, he criticized others for their ‘use of grammer’ which would leave me to believe, even ‘if’ there ‘was’ rhetoric and ‘words’ being tossed around it would ‘appear’ he had some kind of command of the English language and would know the meaning and ‘usage of the words’ even if they came from ‘beyond his twisted world’.
And words alone would not make him do the evil act he did. With this why would anyone come to the ‘absurd conclusion’ it was ‘the words that made him do it’ ?

I seriously believe (however yes, I could be wrong) that the whole Pima County Law Enforcement ‘dropped the Ball on this one’. And perhaps Sheriff Dupnik in a blatant attempt to cover his tracts and divert attention from ‘himself’ and perhaps ‘ others’ decided to throw some mud out there to see how it would stick. It is also obvious Sheriff Dupnik has total contempt for the Right from his former and current actions and words.

And further, I do believe if the ‘real’ truth comes out (And I believe it will) that this Kid is a nut case, I would really like to see Sheriff Dupnik provide a PUBLIC APOLOGY (since he seems to enjoy running his mouth off in public) to all those he ‘accused of inciting murder’ by name. Especially Sara Palin. However I will not hold my breath. As this guy has as much class as his next door Liberal neighbors (CA) who protest ‘boobs not bombs’ and to be fair, the ‘Naked Eco and old fart bike riders’ of whom young children have to ‘bare’ witness to (poor things). (see