The Illegals Might Be in Control Before the Election


by Stephen Kruiser

One of my cousins in Michigan asks me about the border/illegal immigrant/migrant situation here every time we talk now. That just started last year. I’ve lived near the Mexican border my entire life, but I’ve never had a relative inquire whether any border leakage may have made it to my yard. Such is the state of Joe Biden’s America.

The escalation of “migrant-related” problems has become impossible for everyone except those in the Biden administration to ignore. Every day brings a new story that sounds like something out of a poorly written crime novel. We’re living in that novel, though, and as long as Biden is president, the story never ends.

Here’s the first of the two incidents we’ll look at today, which Grayson wrote about:

Biden’s border bloodbath continues, and it’s only April.

Up in Hamilton, Ohio, a man named Fermin Garcia-Gutierrez was arrested and charged with aggravated murder, drug possession, weapons charges, and obstruction. And yes, he is here illegally (again); one of his charges is having an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hold. I say “again” because this Garcia-Gutierrez fellow has been deported from the United States seven times.

Deportation is important. In fact, we need to do more of it. However, as we see from this case, it’s not effective if the border is flung wide open and law enforcement is hamstrung by the open borders crowd in Washington. The more sensible — and obvious — approach would be to maybe not let them in in the first place.

Outlandish, I know. I’m a crazy, right-wing nutjob.

Donald Trump was excoriated for saying that bad people came into the United States from Mexico when he kicked off his first campaign in 2015. The Democrats love to pretend that the only people coming here illegally are sweet, innocent, and just looking for a better life. They can’t advocate for open borders and be honest about the criminal element they’re letting in.

Our second “gem” comes from the esteemed VodkaPundit:

What do you get when eight illegal aliens are caught squatting at a home in the Bronx with guns and illegal drugs after dodging authorities for months?

Just one deportation. Maybe. And that’s for the illegal (I think) who had previously been caught and released for attempted murder last year after previously having been caught and released at the border. Six of his gun-toting/drug-dealing squatter companions, having been previously caught and released, have already been released this week after being caught again last week — without bail, natch.

The Democrats have gone from refusing to punish people for being in the country illegally to refusing to punish them for any crimes they commit after they’re here. OK, there have been some exceptions carved out for murders. Murders that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Now, had any of the above-mentioned people wandered into the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, the Biden administration would be petitioning to have them drawn and quartered.

Biden isn’t even in the vicinity of getting control of this situation. He doesn’t really want to be. The Dems are trying to mint a new voting bloc overnight.

We may want to look into getting a president who’s willing to build a border wall.


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This is a Crime against all Americans and tose Immagtints who came here legally