The Deep State and the Biden regime is at war against the American people


By Patricia McCarthy

Who would or could have predicted that our own representatives in Congress would vote to allow the government to spy on American citizens without warrants?

Of course, all the Democrats voted to extend the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The Democrat party has fully morphed into a Marxist cabal, ready and willing to impose tyranny on American citizens.

But how do we explain the Republicans who capitulated to the left and voted ‘yes’ for the two-year extension?  Even House Speaker Mike Johnson, and Reps. Matt Gaetz and Anna Paulina Luna flipped.

They will say it was the lesser of the evils, two years instead of five, but that is no excuse.  The bill to extend should not have passed and Rep. Andy Biggs’s amendment to require warrants if it did should have passed, but did not.

It seems that small-government, conservative, Americans have very few actual representatives in Congress.

Speaker Johnson has not kept any of the promises he made to obtain his office.  He was all in on what was essentially Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s latest big spending bill.

The promise to defeat warrantless surveillance of Americans was likewise broken.

Apparently, Attorney General Merrick Garland made numerous phone calls to wavering reps.  One can only wonder if this is how those calls went:  “This is how you will vote and if you don’t, this is what will happen. ….”  It is beginning to dawn on the American people that it is the deep state that runs the country and they run it with leverage and blackmail.  Are Gaetz’s feet made of clay like all the others who have betrayed their constituents?

We know that the Obama administration and his worker bees in the DOJ, FBI and CIA abused FISA throughout the Obama and Trump administrations.

The FBI alone used the intel database 278,000 times!  Their illegal misuse of the FISA gave us the entirely fabricated Russia collusion hoax and destroyed numerous lives by implicating them in their scheme to destroy Trump.  The Republicans in Congress know this and yet voted to perpetuate it!

The same betrayal is at work regarding the billions sent to Ukraine, Biden’s proxy war against Russia that is being fought to the death of every last Ukrainian fighter.

Why? Because those members of Congress all get rich off war.  Defense industry lobbyists pay millions to buy those votes.  But the war in Ukraine is lost.  It is just a money-laundering operation now, one big grift.

As J.D. Vance wrote the other day, another $60 billion will make no difference.  Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, is not remotely a champion of democracy; he’s a dictator, a puppet of the oligarchs.  Ukraine has long been one of the most corrupt nations on the planet.

Biden sold his soul, if he ever had one, to the moneyed crooks of Ukraine and China to enrich himself.  He demonstrates no allegiance to America or its founding principles.  He and his partners in crime are protected by our unscrupulous agents of chaos in the DOJ, CIA and FBI.  Those once lofty institutions, or so we thought, have all been co-opted by greed and anti-Americanism.  They have let the WEF and the WHO have their way with the American people.  That is what the pandemic and the vaccine mandates were all about.  Who is paying them all to betray their own country, who, besides George Soros?

Then there is the war against Israel begun on October 7 by Hamas.  That barbaric attack against innocents was the last straw for the Israeli people.  Israel’s just war against that terrorist organization, elected and still wholly supported by the Palestinian people, must be fought until Hamas is finished. You do not negotiate with terrorists; you destroy them.

But is the Biden regime supporting Israel?  With words, but not deeds.  Like Obama, Biden hates Israel and its prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, and has sabotaged the Jewish state relentlessly behind the scenes.  The U.N., too, of course supports Hamas.  UNWRA was radicalized by Yassir Arafat decades ago.  And thanks to the Marxist indoctrination of our universities, thousands of ill-informed college students think it’s cool to support Hamas and demonize Israel and that they are superior beings for protesting in support of Hamas.  It is sickening and pathetic that the Islamists are on their way to defeating the Judeo-Christian values that created Western civilization with the help of our own brainwashed youth.

Western civilization is becoming more uncivilized by the day.  The saddest thing is that our own government, the Biden administration, and the deep staters that run it, are doing it all on purpose.  Like the denizens of the WEF, they hate the working people that make the nation work.  They hate the parents who object to their determined destruction of the nuclear family and who protest their sponsorship of the LGBT agenda, porn in elementary schools, and the transgenderist movement they are so dedicated to promoting.  They do not care one bit about the children’s lives they ruin.

They do not care that Biden has created still rising inflation with his irresponsible spending.  They do not care about the $132 trillion exploding debt that may well bring about the death of the dollar if not the nation.

They push their climate change hoax in an attempt to control how we live, work and travel.  Worst of all, they have imported 10 million to 20 million migrants who are taking jobs away from blacks and Latinos and they’re doing it with glee.

Meanwhile the illegal migrants continue to pour over the border and are given cell phones, EBT cards, food, housing, medical care, and transportation to wherever they want to go.

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FISA is like gun control. FISA is, most absolutely, being abused by the left. But, like guns, do we get rid of the tool because criminals abuse them? FISA has a national security purpose and I believe in that purpose. The abusive criminals should be punished.

But, if, as it appears, there are simply too many criminals abusing the tool and they are too thoroughly protected, then the tool has to go. We will be less safe and our enemies will take advantage of that fact, but we WILL know who to hold responsible.

The United Nations a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villiany