Thank You, President Trump, for All You Accomplished



Thanks to Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, Middle East peace deals, elimination of ISIS caliphate, Right to Try, fixing of the VA hospital system, and full-throated fight against abortion, millions more people will be alive to hear Never Trumpers tell them what an awful person he was.

Orange Man Bad. No amount of good matters.

The Forces Against Trump

It will stand as one of the great miracles of America that Donald Trump was able to get so much done, big and small, so much winning, to use his term despite:

  1. Roughly 95% negative media coverage.
  2. A never ending stream of false stories including the outrageous Charlottesville Lie.
  3. An organized, violent and highly-funded “resistance” — including within the walls of the White House — to thwart his efforts by any means legal and illegal.
  4. A three-year black op concocted by Obama, your soon-to-be-installed Biden and Hillary Clinton to use a fraudulent charge of Trump Russia Collusion to sabotage his presidency. (Hillary Clinton was out there even yesterday peddling it, insinuating 2016 election was stolen. Doesn’t that now count as sedition?)
  5. Congressional Democrats who spent every day for four years putting their thirst for hurting Trump over helping struggling Americans.
  6. Swamp Republicans in Congress too happy to keep things in Washington as they were as long their donors could make bank and they could be welcomed on CNN and the Georgetown cocktail circuit. (E tu, Mitch McConnell? E tu?)
  7. Swamp Republican analysts, pundits and consultants bitter that Trump had zero use and little respect for.
  8. Neo-cons upset that Trump was bringing peace, not war.
  9. Last and far from least, the never-ending spiritual warfare launched against a man who talked about and believed in God and America.

The Accomplishments

The American people, because the mainstream media had zero interest in reporting the good, generally have little idea of all that Trump accomplished in their name.

A few months back, Wayne Grudem published on The Stream a list of “30 Good Things President Trump Has Done for America.”

This week, the White House put out a staggering list of Trump administration accomplishments. (You might want to quickly download it, since the Biden people will remove it from the White House website ASAP.)

Look through the seemingly endless list, and ask yourself, “How much has all this benefited me, my family, my community, my nation?”

Ask then the fundamental question: “Did he do the job he was elected and paid to do?” Any answer less than a “Yes” is a lie.

Doesn’t he deserve at least a thank you?

Never Trumpers Reaped the Benefits

Let me put this another way. The great advantage of being a Trump hater is you have been able to reap the benefits of his presidency — Peace, Prosperity, Opportunity — while labeling him the devil.

Those who did not vote for Biden will have no such luxury. Already there is open war against Trump supporters. Already Iran, China and North Korea are saber rattling. Prosperity? Gas prices are already on the rise and Biden is vowing to reverse many of the policies that bring prosperity and implement policies that choke American business. Opportunity? Already the move is afoot to deny employment to those who worked for Trump. Trump supporters are purged from woke corporations. Trump supporters have now been labeled by the incoming regime as racists, white nationalists and domestic terrorists.

Please Support The Stream: Equipping Christians to Think Clearly About the Political, Economic and Moral Issues of Our Day.

I am already resigned to the fact that my writings and working for a man who was/is a spiritual advisor to Donald Trump would make me a toxic hire should I move home in the D.C. area. I assume certain publishers would want no part of my non-political murder mystery simply because I don’t believe a senile corrupt hack who finished fifth in New Hampshire, and spent the summer in his basement, legitimately garnered 80 million votes. I accept certain dear friends are now gone forever, incapable of seeing me as anything more than a wretched Deplorable.

However, if the choice is between being tossed aside by longtime friends, and seeing our nation’s enemies weakened, I choose America’s security.

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Thanks million. Voted Don twice NO REGRETS!

Now we will be regaled with daily stories like “Already, His Highest Majesty Biden knows how to flush the White House toilet all by himself!” and, “His Most Merciful Wonderfulness Biden can operate every doorknob!” or “Yesterday, sources report Genius Joe got his pants down BEFORE going potty!”

To paraphrase one of our resident fools, “Biden could pronounce his own name correctly and his lemming followers would see who could cheer the loudest and longest.” Like those in the Politburo that didn’t want to be the first to stop applauding and sit down when Stalin was speaking.

It already seems the slobbering media is trying to out-do their slavish worship of Obama. Biden is the best the Democrats felt they had. He has never done anything much less what Trump got done. He will fail and the nation will fail but, like Obama’s “booming” economy, it will be lied into a “great success”.

@Deplorable Me:

Shortly after taking office, and true to his racist history, Beijing Biden canned Jerome Adams, the BLACK Surgeon General.

And just to make sure that blacks never take pride in their country, Beijing Biden stripped down the 1776 Report. Gotta keep the American black community waiting endlessly for the equality that Democrats promise but never deliver.