Take vaccine concerns serious


by Don Surber

Josef Biden promised to have 70% of Americans vaccinated for covid 19 by the Fourth of July.
Less than half the people are vaccinated today. He failed miserably. It’s on him, not us, because he promised something and failed to deliver on it. He failed because he never bothered to ask a simple question:
Why don’t people want to get vaccinated?
I mean it is free and it should protect you from a deadly disease that has killed 1 in 539 Americans. Selling this should be like selling ice cream on a hot day.
But Biden blew it.
The media spin is that it is those darned Trump supporters, which is an interesting scapegoat. If more than half the adults are unvaccinated and all of them are Trump supporters, that would mean he won the last election by a landslide.
The reality is President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed made the vaccines possible. He got the vaccines and began their distribution.

Biden took over the program on January 20. He boasted that he would do a better job than The Donald.
Biden blew it.
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 47% of white people and 34% of black people were vaccinated as of July 6.
Politico rightly held Biden accountable for the failure to get black people vaccinated.
Last month, Politico reported, “The Biden administration knew the key to a successful covid vaccination campaign would be reaching the most vulnerable populations. But more than five months in, even a blueprint that’s worked with other ethnic and racial groups isn’t doing enough to win over Black Americans.
“Less than a quarter of Black Americans had received their firstcovid-19 shot as of June 7 based on available federal data, amid a weekslong stagnation that has defied the government’s ramped-up effort to accelerate vaccinations and reach the nation’s most vulnerable communities.
“The slowdown has put Black Americans behind the pace set over the past month by other racial and ethnic groups tracked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The trend line worries health officials and experts who say the immunization drive is running into a particularly complex web of distrust, outreach challenges and stubborn barriers to access.”
Why has Biden failed to convince black people to get vaccinated? He convinced an overwhelming majority of black voters to vote for him. Vaccination should be easy.
Politico reported, “Health experts cite myriad factors: Ingrained skepticism of a federal government that’s historically failed minorities when it comes to public health, difficulties getting the transportation or time off to seek out a vaccine or a lack of community outreach, among others.”
Those sound like excuses for the bureaucracy. I would think an employer would want its employees to be vaccinated.
As for the historically ingrained excuse, well when you tell people that the system is rigged against them (which is what systemic racism means) why on Earth would they trust the system? Dial back the rhetoric. There hasn’t been a lynching in roughly 40 years. Jim Crow died far earlier than that. It’s the 21st century now.
Then there are the vaccines themselves. Many people believe that if after you are vaccinated you still have to wear a mask to prevent catching the virus, then to a layman, you really aren’t vaccinated.
The New York Times (which I don’t link) ran a piece by Kwame Anthony Appiah, a medical ethicist, who asked, “As a Doctor, May I Refuse to See Unvaccinated Patients?”
The column began with a query from a doctor, who said, “I’m a family physician in private practice. More than 225 of my patients have been infected with the coronavirus. Some were hospitalized, some were placed on ventilators and more than a few have long Covid symptoms.
“When the vaccines became available, not only did I and my staff get vaccinated, but we also assisted our patients in procuring vaccination appointments. By spring, more than 80% of my patients were fully vaccinated, and we can now offer unvaccinated patients the convenience of vaccination in our office. A significant segment of our practice consists not of vaccine hesitant but of vaccine refusing.
“We attempt to create a nonjudgmental, nonshaming atmosphere for our patients to express their reasons for refusing the vaccine. Many have bizarre, almost delusional reasons for not getting vaccinated. Others have fallen prey to misinformation online. Because our patients often take mass transit to their appointments and because our office is in a high-rise and because I offer telehealth appointments, is it ethical and in the interest of public health to restrict vaccine-refusing patients to telehealth appointments?”
The short answer is that unless it is a life-threatening situation, a doctor may refuse a patient.
But as a covid vaccinated person who skips flu shots annually, the question reveals why people are hesitant. The doctor’s reluctance to be exposed to unvaccinated people undercuts confidence in the vaccine.
Blowing off  the unvaccinated as unintelligent Fox News viewers does no one any good. Reasonable people can disagree on every subject and they usually do. The refusal by liberals to even hear the other side’s point of view is narrow-minded. Instead of working with people to get them vaccinated, liberals have used the Saul Alinsky tactics of isolating opponents and ridiculing them.
Well, guess what?
The majority of the country now opposes vaccination. As the doctor in that New York Times article said, they gone from being vaccine hesitant to being vaccine refuseniks, comrade.

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If an educated, science-following doctor and his staff is vaccinated, why would he/she worry about seeing unvaccinated patients? Doesn’t really make sense, does it?

I go back to many, many Democrats seeking office denouncing the vaccines as tainted with Trump-stink. I would propose that those resisting the vaccines simply because they distrust these vaccines then they must be believing what they were told by none other than idiot Biden, Kamala and Pelosi.

In addition, the vaccines are now being pushed by the people that told us Trump got golden showers in Russia. By the people that told us Trump colluded with Russians. By the people that told us Gen. Flynn colluded with Russians. By the people that told us Russian put bounties on US troops. By the people that told us Trump disrespected fallen veterans. By the people that told us they had evidence they had SEEN that Trump was a Russian asset. In other words, if they have any doubts at all about the vaccinations, they should take the word of people who do nothing but lie and believe it is safe.

Here is a case where the left, with the willing assistance of the media, destroying their credibility is dangerous to the public. Another valid reason why Democrats should never be in power and reinforcing that it took fraud for them to get it.

Merck Pharmacuticals was among the first in the race to create a vaccine for covid 19.
They had one and tested it.
Then they voluntarily pulled it from use after some people had taken it.
They wrote that one’s own natural immunity was better than their shot (if one had natural immunity.)
They added that, even if one didn’t have natural immunity, getting covid 19 and surviving it left one FAR BETTER immunity from covid 19 in all its variants than their shot did.

The 98% part of the “jab” being 99% effective is all down to our natural survival rate after getting exposed to covid 19.
Only the 1% on top of that is what the “jab” does for us.

The vast majority of people who’ve had covid 19 didn’t even know it at the time.
Only a test told them they’d already had covid 19.
No sickness at all.

And that “horrifying” covid variant, delta?
Guess the symptoms?
They are runny nose, sore throat, and cough.

I bet that if and when the “jab’s” Emergency Authorization is pulled, lots of people might get vaccinated.
Without that EA, these vaccines need FDA approval.
Without that EA, these vaccines hurt you, you can sue.
Without that EA, these vaccines MUST publish all their lead-up studies including how many side effect cases there were during this emergency authorization.

Then, you can intelligently compare and contrast them all to pick the one, if any, that you think is best for you.

New porch device:
U.S.—An American manufacturer has been overwhelmed with preorders for its brand new “ejection porch,” which is specially designed to detect when Biden’s vaccine evangelists are at your door so it can launch them into the stratosphere.

“Excuse me, sir, do you have a few minutes to talk about our lord and savior Dr. Fau– AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” said one door-to-door vaccine auditor after the advanced technology in the porch detected his whiny and annoying government vaccine-evangelist voice and launched him into the sky, above the clouds, and out of sight.

For anyone who can’t afford an advanced and costly porch upgrade, the company is selling handy signs to hang on your porch to tell them to get lost.

always the Bee

The U.S. is now averaging over 25 thousand new COVID cases per day—more than double the daily number of new cases the U.S. was seeing one month ago.

The daily number of new infections is rising in 48 states. Nearly all new COVID hospitalizations and deaths are among those who have not been vaccinated.

Most of this is the delta variant.

All of the vaccines currently administered in the U.S. have been found to be effective against the delta variant, but every new infection is another opportunity for a mutation to arise that could render them ineffective.

Regarding “Take Vaccine Concerns Serious”: Don Suber is a retired newspaper man? Seriously, what did he do, deliver them?

The reason otherwise intelligent people are refusing vaccination is because anti-vaxxers and political propagandists have politicized everything, polarized them, and filled their heads with dangerous disinformation.

President Biden has been telling people why they should get vaccinated for months. So has Dr. Fauci. So has the Surgeon General, and so has every other medical expert who has his or her head screwed on straight. But right-wing propagandists have done everything in their power to convince their audiences that none of these people know what their talking about, in ANY context whatsoever.

Suber is attempting to shift the blame to the very people who are doing everything they can to get out the clear and correct message. This is utterly typical in Trump World.

The US is also allowing COVID-infected illegal immigrants into the country, packing them into overcrowded facilities, loading them onto buses and aircraft, shipping them all over the country and releasing them. Is this a concerted effort to restore the COVID emergency so the government can maintain their controls on society or simple stupidity?

“The reason otherwise intelligent people are refusing vaccination is because anti-vaxxers and political propagandists have politicized everything, polarized them, and filled their heads with dangerous disinformation.”

I clearly recall idiot Biden, whore Kamala, drunk Pelsoi and numerous other lying Democrats claim no one should trust the vaccines developed by Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed”. So, were they lying then about the vaccines being dangerous or are they lying now about the vaccines being safe and effective? Perhaps they should clear this up first.