State-sanctioned protest – Only lefties are permitted to rally in Washington, DC.


by Don Surber

The New York Post reported, “A swarm of Pro-Palestinian supporters shouted ‘f–k Joe Biden’ as they nearly ripped down a reinforced fence outside the White House during a charged protest Saturday night.

“Non-essential personnel were evacuated from the area as a precaution as the aggressive demonstration ramped up, the Secret Service confirmed.

“Video shows the crowd shaking the fence so viciously that a section of it became partially dislodged while a horde of Secret Service police pushed back to keep the ralliers from entering the grounds.”

Fox reported, “The demonstrators were heard chanting [chanted], ‘Ceasefire Now’ and ‘Free, Free Palestine,’ with many waving Palestinian flags. ‘Yemen, Yemen make us proud / Turn another ship around,’ was also recited at the demonstration, hours after strikes were launched against the Houthis in Yemen.”

No one was sent to jail to face 22 years in prison. No police officer shot and killed anyone. No one in the press called it an insurrection because this was state-sanctioned psy-ops as the deep state staged the event to show widespread support for changing federal policy.

It was like a Yanquis Go Home protest in Cuba under Castro because it, too, was an officially sanctioned protest meant to show public support of a policy. Never mind that hundreds of thousands of Cubans climbed into tiny unseaworthy boats to go 90 miles north to Miami to become a Yanqui. He succeeded in manipulating the media.

His cousins in America are doing the same thing now. When you realize who actually controlled the event, you see it not as a protest but as an announcement of a change in foreign policy. This regime supports erasing Israel from the river to the sea.

I know that some may say that is crazy talk, but look how Obama financed Iran’s nuclear program and its military by unfreezing billions of bucks — some of it delivered directly by the U.S. military. His flunky Biden gave Iran billions to finance its terrorism program.

They damaged a White House fence, which the White House claimed was temporary damage.

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Pamela A. Smith said the majority of the pro-regime were peaceful.

She said, “While a majority of today’s demonstration remained peaceful, there were instances of illegal and destructive behavior in Lafayette Park, including items being thrown at our officers. We are supporting our partners at the United States Park Police as they investigate and hold those found responsible accountable for their actions.”

How different it was from January 6’s protest inside the Capitol. Not only did the FBI sweep everyone up but it used facial recognition to get people who were outside the capitol.

Indeed, the FBI has spent millions to track down and arrest people who were never in Washington. The FBI has been at this a long time. On Monday, the bureau tweeted, “This #MLKDay, the #FBI honors one of the most prominent leaders of the Civil Rights movement and reaffirms its commitment to Dr. King’s legacy of fairness and equal justice for all.”

Readers (including me) fought back and Twitter slapped a community note on the government’s attempt to erase its history: “The FBI engaged in surveillance of King, attempted to discredit him, and used manipulation tactics to influence him to stop organizing. King’s family believe the FBI was responsible for his death.”

The deep state rolls on.

Andrea Widburg wrote, “Mutiny is on the menu should Trump win again. That’s according to an allegedly ‘secret’ plan, that’s being widely trumpeted on NBC News, for the military to refuse to follow orders from Trump. Part of this is pre-election posturing, but part of this is entirely consistent with the post-Obama military, up to and including the execrable Mark ‘White Rage’ Milley.”

She quoted NBC, which said:

[B]racing for Trump’s potential return, a loose-knit network of public interest groups and lawmakers is quietly devising plans to try to foil any efforts to expand presidential power, which could include pressuring the military to cater to his political needs.

Those taking part in the effort told NBC News they are studying Trump’s past actions and 2024 policy positions so that they will be ready if he wins in November. That involves preparing to take legal action and send letters to Trump appointees spelling out consequences they’d face if they undermine constitutional norms.

“We’re already starting to put together a team to think through the most damaging types of things that he [Trump] might do so that we’re ready to bring lawsuits if we have to,” said Mary McCord, executive director of the Institution for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection at Georgetown Law.

Instead of a peaceful transition of power, they plot to intimidate Trump appointees and stop any and all action by him. It will be 2017 all over again.

That’s just the public side. In 2020, word went out that the fix was in. Red China unleashed covid and set off the pandemic panic, fueled by Cuomo putting covid patients in nursing homes to increase the death count rapidly. Then came the Summer of Riots. Then came the mail-in fraud. The courts refused to look at the evidence and the press showed all the curiosity of a cat figurine.

Speaking of the press, it openly serves as an apologist for the deep state.

10 years before the J6 protests, thousands of unionized teachers and their supporters seized the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, and stopped all legislative action during an annual session limited to 60 days.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel said with a straight face, “Some are comparing the U.S. Capitol riot to Wisconsin’s Act 10 protests in 2011. Here are the key differences.”

Yes, no cops shot and killed anyone in Wisconsin. Also, the seizure lasted days, not hours. And no one was imprisoned without bail for months on end or sentenced to 22 years in prison.

The paper said, “Katherine Windels, a Cross Plains woman who emailed death threats to Republican state senators during Act 10, pleaded guilty in May 2012 to making a bomb threat and was placed in a first-offenders program.”

The big difference was the FBI did not set up the Act 10 protest. Unionized teachers were allowed to act 10 in protesting Act 10.

And so it goes with the Saturday night special in which demonstrators remarkable attacked the White House when only the weekend holiday staff was in. The cries of Fuck Joe Biden show the deep state’s displeasure with his refusal to abandon Israel altogether. The plan is to replace him. Harris/Buttigieg, anyone?

After succeeding in 2020 with BLM riots and the like, the deep state will not back down this year.

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Only Antifa. BLM and Bolsheviks allow into the District of Crooks

Just like in 2017, Democrats plan to try and disrupt everything if they don’t get their way. It’s the Democrat way; violence, intimidation, threats and chaos. Supposedly, it is Trump’s fault Democrats throw a temper tantrum, but it would be the same with Haley or DeSantis. Democrats are going to bring the violence.

What needs to be established is that we will have a security force that will not tolerate this any longer. The sad fact is, some people will have to be KILLED to makes this policy be taken seriously. This is because Democrats have no regard for the lives of those they use as useful idiots. They will push them against any security force, assuring them no one will use violence against them and the Democrats will bail them all out and drop their charges, so these spoiled brat punks charge into the fray expecting NO repercussions. It will take repeated tragedy before it is made clear the era of unrestrained leftist violence is OVER. FUCKING OVER.

I hope Trump can find some American public servants willing to reestablish the rule of law.