South Africa Could Elect A Leader Who Contemplates GENOCIDING 4M White Citizens… Is THAT News?


by Wes Walker

If you don’t already know the name Julius Malema… you might want to start paying attention

It should go without saying that targeting any group of civilians for wholesale slaughter is something the world should condemn.

They shouldn’t get a pass based on whether you agree with local complaints about why that group should be especially hated for past wrongs.

Whether we’re talking about the Jews in Europe, the Armenians in Turkey, various genocidal hotspots in Eastern Africa or the Balkans, or some other place, the common denominator is that however deep the local hatreds might go, there is NEVER justification for the wholesale murder of a group.

That is just as true of the four million white people born and raised in South Africa as it is of anyone else.

But Julius Malema is flirting with some ‘future’ event in which the wholesale murder of whites could conceivably be justified.

When asked direct questions about this, he doesn’t denounce the idea.

He only defers that possible outcome to some uncertain future where he — or possibly some other person — might conceivably call for mass slaughter based on race.


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If you’re white, you better get out now.

If these freak wants to sake up living in a cave let them do it it will leave Al Sharpton babbling his mindless banter

As usual the only ones keeping SA afloat and fed are the White farmers, this maniac obviously doesn’t have the functional brain cell to see what has happened in other African ‘countries’ when they eliminated the whites.