Some Of The Weapons Delivered To Ukraine Will Be Used Against Us


The U.S. and its proxies in Europe are moving an enormous amount of weapons into Ukraine. But no one has an idea where those weapons will end up. It is likely that many of those will proliferate outside of the Ukraine and some of those weapons will inevitably hit those who now deliver them.
In a review of the U.S. war on Syria Aaron Maté details how the Obama/Biden team empowered terrorist networks in Syria:

Based on declassified documents, news reports, and scattered admissions of U.S. officials, this overlooked history of how the Obama-Biden team’s effort to oust the Assad regime – in concert with allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey – details the series of discrete decisions that ultimately led the U.S. to empower terror networks bent on its destruction.

The U.S. pushed an enormous amount of weapons into Syria. Those weapons did not end up with the ‘moderate rebels’ the U.S. propaganda had elevated but in the hands the most ideological committed and most brutal actors on the ground:

Although the Obama administration claimed that the weapons funneled to Syria were intended for “moderate rebels,” they ultimately ended up in the hands of a jihadi-dominated insurgency. Just one month after the Benghazi attack, the New York Times reported that “hard-line Islamic jihadists,” including groups “with ties or affiliations with Al Qaeda,” have received “the lion’s share of the arms shipped to the Syrian opposition.

In a repeat of that ‘strategy’ the U.S. is currently pushing an enormous amount of weapons as well as mercenaries into Ukraine. The bigger stuff it delivers is not of much concern. But the huge amount of small arms and small ammunition, the anti-tank weapons and the handheld anti-air systems are of serious, long term danger. These fit into a car trunk and can easily be smuggled across boarders.
As I explained previously the rightwing ideology that is nurtured in Ukraine will become a danger primarily to European countries but also beyond:

Whitney Webb writes that the CIA is creating a new al-Qaeda. This time as a white supremacist rightwing militia. A part of these are mercenaries currently getting recruited by western ‘security’ companies. These militia will use all the ‘small’ weapons NATO countries are now delivering to the Ukraine to attack Russian troops and their supporters.
This will have serious backlashes in Poland and Romania from where these troops get deployed. In the longer run it will lead to rightwing terror coming back to those countries who are now supporting these forces. It will also help the longterm trend of rightwing parties increasing their share of votes.
Together with the economic devastation that U.S. and European sanctions on Russia are causing in their own economies this will end in regime-changes in several European countries. The U.S. is of course again protecting itself from as much as it can at the cost of others.

If there is a lesson to learn from Syria it is that the most ideological committed and most brutal people on the ground will not only proliferate their ideology into other countries. They are also the groups which inevitably end up holding the most dangerous weapons. They will give some to those groups in other countries which have the same ideology.
The fascist groups in Ukraine are not a Russian propaganda invention or just ‘nationalist’. Back in 2018 even the NATO lobbyists at the Atlantic Council called them a dangerous threat:

Last week Hromadske Radio revealed that Ukraine’s Ministry of Youth and Sports is funding the neo-Nazi group C14 to promote “national patriotic education projects” in the country. On June 8, the Ministry announced that it will award C14 a little less than $17,000 for a children’s camp. It also awarded funds to Holosiyiv Hideout and Educational Assembly, both of which have links to the far-right. The revelation represents a dangerous example of law enforcement tacitly accepting or even encouraging the increasing lawlessness of far-right groups willing to use violence against those they don’t like.
Since the beginning of 2018, C14 and other far-right groups such as the Azov-affiliated National Militia, Right Sector, Karpatska Sich, and others have attacked Roma groups several times, as well as anti-fascist demonstrations, city council meetings, an event hosted by Amnesty International, art exhibitions, LGBT events, and environmental activists. On March 8, violent groups launched attacks against International Women’s Day marchers in cities across Ukraine. In only a few of these cases did police do anything to prevent the attacks, and in some they even arrested peaceful demonstrators rather than the actual perpetrators.
International human rights groups have sounded the alarm. After the March 8 attacks, Amnesty International warned that “Ukraine is sinking into a chaos of uncontrolled violence posed by radical groups and their total impunity. Practically no one in the country can feel safe under these conditions.” Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House, and Front Line Defenders warned in a letter that radical groups acting under “a veneer of patriotism” and “traditional values” were allowed to operate under an “atmosphere of near total impunity that cannot but embolden these groups to commit more attacks.”

Over the last eight years those groups in Ukraine have had lots of contacts with similar groups in other countries. They have invited foreigners to fight with them on the frontline with the Donbas republics. These are potential buyers for the weapons that are now being delivered to the Ukraine.
The U.S. has no idea who ends up with the ten thousands of weapons it is now providing:
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The US has few ways to track the substantial supply of anti-tank, anti-aircraft and other weaponry it has sent across the border into Ukraine, sources tell CNN, a blind spot that’s due in large part to the lack of US boots on the ground in the country — and the easy portability of many of the smaller systems now pouring across the border. It’s a conscious risk the Biden administration is willing to take.In the short term, the US sees the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of equipment to be vital to the Ukrainians’ ability to hold off Moscow’s invasion. A senior defense official said Tuesday that it is “certainly the largest recent supply to a partner country in a conflict.” But the risk, both current US officials and defense analysts say, is that in the long term, some of those weapons may wind up in the hands of other militaries and militias that the US did not intend to arm.

Transparency International ranks Ukraine as number 122 out of 180 countries. The lower the rank on that list the worse the corruption. Whoever officially gets handed the weapons in Ukraine will likely put a part of the stash aside to later sell it to whomever may be interested in them. That will be easy to do:

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Does anyone remember Putin calling them drug addicts?
Captagon is a drug that first came to prominence during the Islamic State’s terror wave throughout the middle east. Since 2014, the drug reportedly reemerged within Ukraine, fueling neo-nazi terrorists who have used the meth-like substance on the battlefield to overcome the fear of death, becoming what some people call “zombie soldiers.”

Time to out sanctions on the Ukrainian oligarchs. They stole money from the people that had been given as aid to the Ukraine by the US.
biden used both hands to steal money from Ukraine.

Last edited 2 years ago by TrumpWon

Well, these weapons are like government money; as soon as we start talking about making a lot of it available, people start figuring out how to steal some. When the weapons are being distributed by the most incompetent regime in history, it’s very safe to assume some will get “lost”. It’s not like Afghanistan, though, were ALL of them go to our enemies.

Let’s get past the threat of nuclear annihilation first, though. One idiot Biden f**k up at a time.

TRUMPUTIN 2024. Make America Gag Again.

The greatest generation fought against Hitler in WWII. biden is funding the Ukraine nazis against Russia

Low oil prices=Trump=Putin CAN’T start wars.
High oil prices=Biden=Putin can and does START WARS.
Supposed to be used for our defense not to try to by votes.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mully

TRUMPUTIN 2024. Make America Gag Again.

…with a record economy, record low unemployment, the best figures for Black and Latino Americans, prison reform, cheaper drugs, fighting back on opiods, a secure border with safety for Americans and immigrants alike, and….


I demand you comment on the backwards, 3rd-World China destroying the largest city in the world and destroying supply chains in their ridiculous response to cold that had killed only three people out of tens of millions…

Tell me again how their dominance on the shelves of Walmart erases their slave camps, organ trades, and overall totalitarian bullshit that needs to end.


Who would possibly want the economy of 2019 back when we could have us some more biden? Huh greg?

With Turkey as the end user or middleman to a newly overthrown regime Pakistan.
He is expected to form a broad coalition government and will aim to get Pakistan’s IMF funding back on track, along with electoral reforms, before calling a new election to try and secure a fresh mandate
I wonder who installed this guy.

We’re not going to get the economy of 2019 back with anybody. Trump exhausted all stimulus measures to produce that binge. Interest can’t be kept low because of inflation; taxes can’t be cut, because we can’t pay the bills already; social programs can’t be cut to any great effect, because the ones that are most costly are also the most essential—Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. On top of that, we’re soon to be hit by more COVID-related supply chain disruption.

In the short term, we’ll be lucky to regain and maintain our economic and monetary stability. No one can wave a magic wand and make our troubles go away.

What stimulus did President Trump use prior to 2019?

What stimulus did President Trump use prior to 2019?

Huge tax cuts and suppressed interest rates. Trump applied emergency stimulus measures to a recovered economy to produce an unsustainable boom. He ran up more debt in four years than any other US president in modern history. He ran up nearly as much in 4 years of a recovered economy as Obama had during the 8 years following the 2007-2008 crash.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

How did he suppress interest rates?

Trump continuously pressured the Federal Reserve to lower rates even further. He openly advocated a negative rate.

Did revenue to the treasury increase post tax cut?

Cut every single dime to illegal aliens no school medical ..nothing. Drill open up and provide permits. Get the pipeline open and trains to carry grain, fertilizer and goods, end useless and harmful departments in the government shrink not bloat it.
Make lobbying illegal. Cut the regulations on the trucking industry. There are infinite solutions to open minds.

Last edited 2 years ago by kitt

None of that is the underlying cause of our economic problems. It’s just the GOP’s agenda.

We are borrowing money to support Nazis and illegal Aliens look where you can save money in a bloated budget, not oh we cant cut there. It would be nice to have American interests represented in DC, huge cuts in foreign aid.

We all know why inflation is out of control. It started on January 20, 2021

Prices ARE high because of COVID and Vladimir Putin. COVID and Putin are presently the two most significant factors.

What was the rate of inflation on January 20, 2021?

You might as well ask about the position of the stars and planets. Correlation is not causation.

January 2021 was the beginning of our second year of a COVID pandemic. All of the systemic disruptions were catching up with us. It was also the point when record-low global oil prices began to rise rapidly with increasing global demand.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Was there not an inflation rate nationally on January 20, 2021?

There’s a calculated inflation rate for any point in time that you care to look at.

Yes, it was 1.4%

Biden went after oil companies from day one in office. Just as he promised during the campaign. So far as to work to get banks to not loan to energy companies. You are willfully blind to not acknowledge this. But that’s normal for you. A joke, a bad joke.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mully

Prices ARE high because of COVID and Vladimir Putin. COVID and Putin are presently the two most significant factors.

Prices are high because of stupid policies of idiot Biden and Democrats. Putin is making them worse, but that TOO is because of idiot Biden and his stupid policies.

Actually, it’s because Republicans control a majority of US state governments. The more they dominate, the worse it gets.

Which has nothing to do with prices. It was the same under Trump when inflation was low and gas prices were too. People are fleeing Democrat controlled states. Heading to those states where you claim things are worse.

Do you propose we get rid of Republicans and their followers, simply push them out and make a Democrat one-party state?

You understand how wrong you are, right?

And Red states out-perform blue states.

It’s fact.

Greggie goose stepper certainly does not want to talk about the failure of keeping track of the weaponry sent to his corrupt Nazis.

Last edited 2 years ago by kitt

Nor will he talk about the billions of dollars sent to Ukraine over the past decades that has been stolen by the oligarchs of Ukraine. How much of that is part of his 31 million?

Like the money for Haiti just poof, red cross built 6 houses, the same red cross that their Ambulances were “stolen” and used to move troops.

Putin Trolls on Twitter Presents Your Daily Dose of Disinformation—calculated to erode America’s will to resist tyranny, foreign and domestic.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Nah. No one can understand the mass hysteria that consumed the Left.

Covid fascism. Trump derangement, un-scientific LGBT mania so you can groom kids, and now this strange obsession with blaming Putin for Biden’s mistakes and mindlessly shilling for a nation stuck between Russia and NATO energy interests, with the expected corruption mixed in. It’s like you’re stuck to pole with plastic: can’t really get away, can you. One things for sure, though. Your ass is hanging out.

When you find a “Putin Troll,” let us know. They are probably in hiding with all that evidence that will put Trump in jail…any day, now.

If you want to simple see a troll, look in the mirror. I have no idea what people like you think you’re going to do with spreading the failing propaganda narratives, but the tide is turning…and your bullshit is being dispelled by the hour.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nathan Blue

What is Armchair Warlord sharing that’s not true?

How do you know anything you post or share from the discredited and illegitimate “media” sources is true? Why would you believe things so blindly?

You know CNN had to pay sandman, got caught lying many times, and had to fire people all for sex-scandals? And they retain sexual assault Don Lemon and caught on camera Toobin?

What the hell could they possibly write that any sane person wouldn’t dismiss as false?


Now Bezos-Billionaire-Oligarch WaPo is attacking people who simply hold up a mirror to show us how stupid the Left has become.

What I know for a fact is that the right’s preferred sources aren’t remotely credible. For the most part, they’re not even identifiable.

Putin is a murderous tyrant who is conducting a war intended to destroy Ukraine and lead to his domination of Europe. I support backing Ukraine until Putin breaks, whatever that takes. If he wants to avert that, he should get the hell out of Ukraine.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Unidentifiable Twitter trolls pushing Putin’s agenda are not a reliable source of factual information.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Just have WaPo post his/her address so you can go destroy his life.

Cowards, all of you.

How about they just post evidence or credible sources supporting the claims that they make?

Just have WaPo post his/her address so you can go destroy his life.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

How about they just post evidence or credible sources supporting the claims that they make?

We’ve been waiting for you to do that for years.

Again, you essentially say “me parroting CNN is AUTHORITATIVE, even when they literally lie…and you posting facts that are already verified true are LIES because the source isn’t AUTHORITATIVE.”

The Truth is the only Authority, my friend.

Get used to it.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nathan Blue

As usual, you’re not debating a topic or furthering any kind of argument.

You’re proclaiming who has AUTHORITY, which is the real reason your paid to troll.

The issue with the New World Order is that it’s just the Old World losing it’s grip…and thinking it can rebrand and re-subjugate the rest of us.

Their time is over.

Putin is on a list of global threats that the US had always been tasked with keeping at bay. That duty was abandoned when Biden was allowed to be installed with the help of the FBI and 21,000 troops, banana-republic style.

Putin is the product of the deep state, Davos/WEF, and those they’ve paid to do their bidding. Those people need to pay for their actions and stand trial.

Own it.

“If we just get rid of Trump/Putin/Gaetz/anyone in our way, things would be alright.”

Spoken like true totalitarian scum.