So how does redneck Texas stack up against Wisconsin?


So how does brokeass, dumbass, redneck Texas stack up against progressive unionized Wisconsin?

2009 4th Grade Math

White students: Texas 254, Wisconsin 250 (national average 248)
Black students: Texas 231, Wisconsin 217 (national 222)
Hispanic students: Texas 233, Wisconsin 228 (national 227)

2009 8th Grade Math

White students: Texas 301, Wisconsin 294 (national 294)
Black students: Texas 272, Wisconsin 254 (national 260)
Hispanic students: Texas 277, Wisconsin 268 (national 260)

2009 4th Grade Reading

White students: Texas 232, Wisconsin 227 (national 229)
Black students: Texas 213, Wisconsin 192 (national 204)
Hispanic students: Texas 210, Wisconsin 202 (national 204)

2009 8th Grade Reading

White students: Texas 273, Wisconsin 271 (national 271)
Black students: Texas 249, Wisconsin 238 (national 245)
Hispanic students: Texas 251, Wisconsin 250 (national 248)

2009 4th Grade Science

White students: Texas 168, Wisconsin 164 (national 162)
Black students: Texas 139, Wisconsin 121 (national 127)
Hispanic students: Wisconsin 138, Texas 136 (national 130)

2009 8th Grade Science

White students: Texas 167, Wisconsin 165 (national 161)
Black students: Texas 133, Wisconsin 120 (national 125)
Hispanic students: Texas 141, Wisconsin 134 (national 131)

To recap: white students in Texas perform better than white students in Wisconsin, black students in Texas perform better than black students in Wisconsin, Hispanic students in Texas perform better than Hispanic students in Wisconsin.

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I like the numbers in Texas..Austin is a great place to live and raise children..Adult eduction in the form of 2 and 4 year colleges, and professional colleges are very strong in Texas..Nice Job…Texas law schools produce good students that are capable of passing most bar examinations on the first examination.


Oh, but it gets even better.

Average salary for teachers in elementary and secondary education:

Texas – $45,543/yr

Wisconsin – $49,730/yr MINUS state income tax and union dues of $1,100/yr

Teachers in the union in Wisconsin – 98.2%
Teachers who are non-union in Texas – 98.2%

Using equal sized cities, a Texas teacher with the average annual income in San Antonio would have to make $53,478/yr in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That means that Milwaukee teachers, even with the higher pay scale, have a lower quality of living than does the teacher in San Antonio.

The case of Texas vs. Wisconsin teacher salaries also proves another poing I have made so many times: while the MFM rails how salaries are lower in right-to-work states (which is true) the cost of living in EVERY right-to-work state is so much lower.

Also, the minority student population in Wisconsin is only 8% of that population. In Texas, it is 42% (30% Hispanic, 12% black) which creates a problem because many of the Hispanic students enter school in Texas not being able to speak even basic English which requires Texas to fund Spanish speaking teachers for the sole purpose of teaching English As A Second Language courses to help the students. Wisconson has no such problem.

Cost of educating students in Wisconsin compared to the cost to educate Texas kids? Anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000 per year higher in Wisconsin.