Shipping company responsible for Bridge Collapse in Baltimore has EXTENSIVE Gender Diversity and DEI hiring practices and CEO awards to prove it!!


via GrabEmByTheMAGA

Internal shipping company Zoom call titled “The CEO Commitment, a fireside chat” has CEO outlining all of their internal inclusivity and gender equity programs.

CEO Rajesh Unni outlines the many exclusivity and equity programs that he personally is driving at the C Suite. They have received numerous awards in the last years for the DEI and Inclusive Workforce.

“Diversity and Inclusion have moved far beyond just policy and are ensuring that we do things that should be done.”

On Synergy Marine Group’s website, they state, “At Synergy we want a workplace that is truly characterized by inclusion and belonging. Although diversity can be created through deliberate hiring practices, inclusion may not automatically follow.”

The EEOC must immediately look into their alleged illegal hiring practices. @andrealucasEEOC

Included below is the Zoom call with the CEO where he brags about his C Suites commitment to driving equity and inclusion in all aspects of the company.

Additional clip is from their accepting an award in 2020 and attributing their winning to the companies focus on DEI and Inclusivity hiring and promoting practices.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was taken down by a distracted shipping company who’s focus was Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and woke hiring and internal promoting practices.

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DEI is self induced suicide. The navigational requirements for negotiating entry or exit of a port are the type that come after years of study and experience. Putting someone in there because of color is a mistake.

DEI is just like the Democrats themselves. It brings about disaster then just walks away from it.

It is the nation’s misfortune that so many catastrophic disasters have occurred when we have the least capable people in charge. DEI may have contributed to the accident and DEI will hinder the response.

Again a Didn’t Earn It company push, know what huge investment firm is behind this?
Blackrock, A 2017 interview with BlackRock BLK +1.9% CEO Larry Fink has resurfaced in which he stated he wanted to force diversity and inclusion policies on companies.

How will Pothole Pete respond to this disaster?

How will Pothole Pete respond to this disaster?

Show up at a news conference wearing his breast feeding apparatus and assless chaps?

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Military bloodbath continues under Buyden as it had under Barry

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From comments;

2 hours ago

So he either:
1 – Used somebody’s wrong pronouns
2 – Missed affirming mental illness training
3 – Didn’t salute the Ukrainian flag.
More of this going on than the last few months of the Third Reich.

Conspiracies will be put forward, most likely cutting corners for profit and woke BS unqualified put where they shouldnt be.

This guy knows what he’s speaking of, measured and without media or conspiratorial hysteria:

All this Liberal PC nonsense plus who was piloting the Cargo ship and what about the Captain?

Biden Mumbles Through Remarks on Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Refuses to Take Questions (VIDEO)

The demented idiot was mumbling about the bridge this morning. He’s not just demented; he’s also a blasphemer, as he mumbled how he’d “move Heaven & Earth” to repair that bridge. It’s been more than a Year since the train derailed in East Palestine, and he’s done Zilch!

Baltimore = democrat votes

East Palestine = Trump voters.

The Exxon Valdez was all because the Captain was Drunk on duty