Senator Parker’s Lawfare: A Hilarious and Ironic Twist in the Tale of the Adult Survivors Act


by Jeff Childers

The New York Post ran a delightfully karmic story yesterday headlined, “NYC pol says law allowing rape suit against him was unconstitutional — despite voting for the legislation.” But the story was so much better than the headline promised.

You may recall some of last year’s anti-Trump lawfare, where bizarre cat lady E. Jean Carroll suddenly claimed twenty-five years later that Trump had sexually assaulted her in a Bergdorf Goodman changing room. Despite holes in her story Elon Musk could launch a Dragon Heavy rocket through, the Manhattan jury awarded her $5 million, although it also found that Trump had not raped the colorful Carroll, but had sexually assaulted her instead.

At least in part, Carroll’s antique case was resurrected by a brand-new, automatically-expiring New York law, as fancy a piece of progressive lawfare as ever high-stepped down Broadway. The “Adult Survivors Act” revived ancient sexual assault claims, making them viable — but only during a two-year period — although the statutes of limitation had long since passed.

Carroll filed her lawsuit against Trump right after the new law became effective.

The genius behind the Adult Survivors Act was state senator Kevin Parker, who at the time of passage bragged about his terrific new law, saying “I voted in favor of the Act to ensure all New Yorkers can seek justice and be heard.”

All New Yorkers. All.

Just like E. Jean Carroll, rape survivor Olga Jean-Baptiste also filed a claim — against Senator Parker — right before the Act expired late last year. According to her lawsuit, Olga was working with Parker on Haitian relief efforts twenty years ago in 2004, when Parker grabbed her by the wrists and forcibly raped her at her own home. Governor Kathy Hochul has called Olga’s allegations “deeply disturbing.”

But in a deliciously ironic motion to dismiss the case filed last week, Senator Parker now claims his Adult Survivors Act was unconstitutional. But Senator Parker, remember: no one is above the law.

It’s not just Parker, either. Lorna Beach-Mathura also filed an Adult Survivors claim right under the wire, against New York Mayor Eric Adams, who happens to be running for re-election this year. Also ironically, in Adams’ most recent motion, his lawyers complained the case is taking too long: “any longer a wait will start interfering with New Yorkers’ ability to fairly make a decision in the upcoming mayoral primary.”

Election interference!

Two months ago in mid-March, Lorna filed a ‘bombshell complaint’ accusing Adams of demanding oral sex as consideration for helping her with her budding career while the two worked in the Transit Police Department — all the way back in 1993! According to the lawsuit, when she refused his ungenerous offer, Adams — then leader of the Transit Bureau Association — allegedly whipped out and forced her to touch the little mayor, which promptly and prematurely delivered a seminal address right on her while she was struggling to secede from the salacious encounter.

What’s gooey for the goose, is gooey for the little mayor, too.

Democrats seem have a recurring ‘little mayor’ problem. See, e.g., Mario Cuomo and Jeffrey Toobin. Maybe lawfare like the Adult Survivors Act wasn’t the best idea their sticky little heads ever came up with. I’m just saying. Don’t cancel me.

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Oh, that’s sweet. Either take it up the ass from a female accuser or get the law declared unconstitutional and have Trump’s case overturned.