Right Whales – Destroyed for the Wrong Reasons – How “Climate Freaks” are Eradicating Entire Ocean Ecosystems Whilst Charging Consumers 5-6 Times the Price for Electricity from Offshore Wind Turbines


by Peter Halligan

Time to choose which future we get. Either one or the other, The choice on the left costs nothing extra – the one of the right increases your electricity bill by 6 times and destroys an entire ocean ecosystem the size of a couple of US States – including that of the one on the left – who will go extinct.

Several court cases will be heard in the next few weeks, seeking to stop the construction and deployment of as many as 300 or more 1,000-foot wind turbines along the northeast coast of the US.

In its usual fashion, the lunatics that have taken over the once smart and proud Democratic Party are the cause of the destruction of plans for the sourcing of already obsolete “renewable energy” in a futile attempt to change the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere from an imagined future 0,05% to 0.04%.

As usual, the climate freaks are oblivious to actual science and evidence and have been using behavior modification techniques on everyone from politicians to school children – aided and abetted by the propaganda cartel in the MSM – to line their pockets and virtue signal their ignorance as “settled science”.

There is the other tool used by climate freaks within the governments of the world and their shiny trouser-bottomed bureaucracies.

Censorship.  No public debate is allowed, and no funding is given to any scientific discourse or research that does not support the climate party line – funding is plentiful if the climate freak party lie is followed.

Sound familiar? That’s because it is. These are the same tactics employed during the C19 scamdemic and the invasion of the US using the trafficking of human beings. All are funded by already bankrupt jurisdictions like the US, UK, and EU. Same MO, same objective – steal taxes and increase debt until the “State” collapses.

We are still under the influence of the massive undersea eruption of Hunga Tonga that flung billions of gallons of water vapor into the stratosphere – water vapor, clouds, and the Sun are the drivers of climate – not CO2. Did the explosion of the undersea volcano in the South Pacific have an impact on the polar vortex way up in the Arctic? Don’t ask the “scientists” at the UN’s IPCC – they cannot even model past “climate change” let alone seismic activity.

Here’s some background on Hunga Tonga that erupted in January 2022:

(100) Some notes on the underwater eruption in January 2022 that rivaled Krakatoa which caused a rise in global temperatures over all of 2022 – to last five years – ignored by the UN IPCC models and MSM (substack.com)

There are maybe 2–3 years of effects still left of the Hunga Tonga effect that caused recent spikes in temperature across Europe – spikes that the climate freaks – led by the Portuguese communist pretending to be UN Secretary-General, António Guterres – to claim, “global boiling”.

Let’s get back to the slaughter of the endangered Right Whale – it is called that because when whaling was a source of energy, it was the species that spent the most time at the surface and when harpooned and drowned – it stayed on the surface, allowing easier hauling to whalers for “processing”.

Headlines like these are common.

North Atlantic Right Whale Updates | NOAA Fisheries

“Dead Right Whale (#1950) Off Virginia – April 4, 2024”

NOAA is concerned about the siting of offshore wind turbines. So are people up and down the East Coast of the USA – of all persuasions.

Here are a few links from people fighting to stop the extinction-level event for Right Whales.

Wind Industry Activity Strongly Correlated With Whale Deaths, New Study Finds — Save Right Whales

Save Right Whales


Here is a link to the excellent team of their rebranded “Climate Realism Show” which discusses what is going on in depth – once they have the latest climate freak BS for the week. (67 minutes).

Save the Whales, Kill the Turbines – The Climate Realism Show #104 (youtube.com)

“On episode 104 of The Climate Realism Show, we explain that to save the whales we need to kill these growing large-scale offshore wind projects.

These so-called “wind farms” are much larger and do much more environmental damage than most people realize.

Covering an area the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined, one project off the Mid-Atlantic poses an existential risk to the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. That is just one of many ocean mammals harassed and killed by these projects that will, at best, provide unreliable and expensive energy.

Remember when “save the whales” was the cry of the environmentalists? Now they are fine with a spike in dead whales washing up on our Atlantic beaches as long as the “green energy” agenda continues apace.”

From the video, the full extent of the massive rise in taxation – hidden behind rises in electricity prices – is revealed.

Leaving aside the massive environmental noise and other pollution from the construction of the “bits” of the wind turbines onshore, before floating out to the permanent sites 15–30 miles off the coast – where several years will pass of massive pile driving to secure the base of the turbines – once constructed, the wind turbines create massive amounts of undersea noise (“Whomp, whomp” go the turbines) – they also remove oxygen from the seawater, creating a desert all around – where all the food needed by many species – not just Right Wales, Dolphins and fish are also impacted.

There are Federal regulations preventing the assault and killing of endangered species like the Right Whale.

Again, we run into the standard MO of climate freaks in the Democratic Party (they are not a government, elected by popular vote – they are a criminal cartel that has infected Congress). – all their actions are ULTRA VIRES.

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Not just the Whales but Birds as well are falling victims and that includes Lager Birds Eagles and Vultures meanwhile the Eco-Freaks and their Partners in Crime from the M.S. Media Ignore the whole thing unless it involves a Oil Spill and the Gulf Oil Spill was Terrible but with Wind Turbines their looking the other way

Just another example that proves that environment and climate is not the concern but stealing other people’s money is.

Where’s Comrade Greggie to protest the killing of the whales and bald eagles?

It’s been proven by the Jan 6th committee that they were all at the Capital and deserve to die.

Nice visual comparison between nuclear and wind power generation and physical footprint.
What a waste wind power is!
And it kills animals we all should care about.
On land, the bats, the birds, especially the raptor birds.
On the sea, the whales and other sea life sensitive to their sound.

Of course, Hillary sold off 20% of our uranium, so we’re a little short.