Reporter Whines About Biden’s Lack of Transparency, Jen Psaki Only Makes It Worse


By Bonchie

It’s hard to believe at times, but it’s only been a little over month since Joe Biden took office. During that time, he’s signed a stack of executive orders that have resulted in everything from exploding gas prices to a surge of illegal immigration at the border, never mind his bombing of Syria.

Of course, when Biden took office, the media were jubilant. When it came to transparency, we were assured that things were going to be different even though the Trump administration was, in actuality, incredibly transparent. CNN’s cyhron blared “how refreshing” about new Press Secretary Jen Psaki while journalists everywhere proclaimed that honesty had returned to the White House.

In reality, we got this.

As my brother-in-law is fond of saying, it sucks to suck. The news media fluffed Biden in unimaginable ways, making the bed they now have to lie in. You see, when you give a politician a pass on everything, do no investigative reporting on him, and essentially worship at his feet to defeat the orange man, that politician will not respect you when the time comes to press him on an issue. Biden feels completely comfortable snubbing the press, and they have no one to blame but themselves.

Jen Psaki was asked about this issue today. Her response only drove home how much contempt the administration has for a news media that already does their bidding.

How thin skinned does one have to be to respond that way when there’s essentially no opposition at all in the press to deal with? Psaki is terrible at her job, but it doesn’t matter because she has no need to actually be good at her job. She can throw the talking points out there knowing they’ll be dutifully repeated.

Regardless, we can speculate that this is more than just Biden having no respect for the journalistic establishment. Biden won’t release his virtual schedules, he hasn’t done a presser since taking office, and he hasn’t even been seen in public since Friday. What’s that say to you? Perhaps the lack of transparency is a necessity given Biden’s probable condition?

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Perhaps like Joe she is wondering what she is doing there.

“Trump’s chaotic term in the White House”?

No. That’s was media chaos and nothing but partisan garbage rhetoric that interfered with the normal operation of our government.

Kayleigh makes this idiot Jen look like the amateur she is…much like Trump made Obama look the same.

The media didn’t like transparency when it had it.
I can remember more than one news conference where President Trump showed up (sometimes by surprise) and took all the questions any reporters wanted to ask.
He took questions for over an hour and waited until there were no more before he left.
Compare and contrast to Biden.
Joe won’t because he can’t.

There was never a more transparent, open and accommodating President and administration than Trump but it didn’t matter; the media simply made up what they wanted to believe. Of course, the idiot Biden is going to hide from even a friendly, accommodating, fawning media that really only wants to prop him up. But he and his handlers fear his stupidity, for it is a powerful force.

Obama was transparent, but not in the way he promised to be. He would answer very few questions, giving long and rambling answers to run out the clock. Trump LIKED answering questions because it was the only way he could get HIS views out through the propaganda fog. He also like sparring with the “reporters” who were all looking to get that zinger in that would give them their few minutes of “glory” among the rest of their turds. But the idiot Biden, like Hillary, had so much to hide from and so few answers that they feared even the friendly media for there could always be “that guy” that felt compelled to actually do his job.

What a quantum shift in capability we saw when the Democrats stole this election. We went from a determined and capable LEADER to a ventriloquist’s dummy and got there through fraud. Disgraceful.