Professor Says ‘Madness’ Of Fighting Global Warming Will Impoverish Everyone


Daily Caller:

Cambridge University electrical engineering professor Dr. M.J. Kelly concluded in a peer-reviewed journal article that attempts to fight global warming with green energy will impoverish the world.

The Monday article found reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions enough to actually slow global warming in a measurable way simply isn’t possible without significantly reducing standards of living by plunging most of the world into poverty, destitution and starvation.

“Over the last 200 years, fossil fuels have provided the route out of grinding poverty for many people in the world,” states the article. “This trend is certain to continue for at least the next 20 years based on the technologies of scale that are available today. A rapid decarbonization is simply impossible over the next 20 years unless the trend of a growing number who succeed to improve their lot is stalled by rich and middle class people downgrading their own standard of living.”

The article found current CO2 emissions aren’t falling rapidly enough to slow global warming largely because most public policy has focused exclusively on developing wind and solar power, which may actually increase emissions. Continued support for wind, solar and other forms of green energy like biofuel “represents total madness” as these energy systems don’t justify the massive costs of the subsidies required to support them.

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Better tell the Cinese and the Germans and the Swiss about this Curt, because they are unaware of it

Oh yes, and tell the oil soaked Saudis who jade planning on 110 billion investment in solar
The cost of solar is going to drop another 40% in the next few years
What do you think the cost of solar will be in 10 years ?????

You do realize Curt that the USA has already reduced its carbon emissions just by switching away from dirty coal

Oh and in case you haven’t noticed it Curt 80% of your fellow human beings live on less than 10$ per day
Half live on less than 2.50$ a day
Most humans aren’t burning fossil fuels like you are they just use for cooking

” many people” by that he means the top 20% of richest humans

@John: lol 5 posts in a row. Arguing with yourself is a clear sign of impending mental collapse.
Cinese and the Germans and the Swiss
who the hell are the cinese? Germans are highly dependent on Russian gas, and The Swiss economy benefits from high levels of flexibility and institutional strengths that include strong protection of property rights and minimum tolerance for corruption but alas it also is highly dependent on imported fossil fuels.

@kitt: nanny
Unlike you I post while at work , driving my truck
That typo was for Chinese, they are the people who live in China
Yes Nannythe Swiss are capitalists, they are continuing to invest in solar, as are the Saudis.
Say Nanny remember that story that you posted here about wearing the skates of someone from the Olympic speed skating team ?
Did my post explaining that it was the National figure skating team that was wiped out in the plane crash in Europe indicate anything to you about reality?

@John: Nanny?
Scroll up John Nan has not posted here yet.
Chinese have filthy filthy air most likely blocks out the sun from any solar arrays they may have. Dont think they are using them in bulk maybe just manufacturing them at a substandard quality.

The Chinese have installed the most solar electric in the past year
No one installs more