Princeton Professor Hacks Dominion Voting Machine in Seven Minutes


Flashback 2016-

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Not an actual election

I dont think this one was either.
When the “conservative” talking heads say Trump lost because he failed to increase his base, remember Trump got 10 million more votes in the popular count than in 2016.
We question that count is its only what the tabulation machines report or Dominion count.

@kitt: And that doesn’t account for all the votes that were flipped, not to mention stolen. I always thought Hillary’s “popular vote win” was a myth, the result of fraud. After what we’ve seen in this election, there is no doubt.

@Deplorable Me: Im not likely to accept the Rinos shit lolly pop that “look at what we won all these house seats and the mid terms we are going to do really good, forget the top of the ballot lets look to GA, and please donate.” Every damn Rep should be donating every dime in their war chests to fight this coup.

@kitt: Trump got the highest vote count of in any election…except for Biden’s current “vote” tally.

And after we know millions of Trump votes were either discarded or flipped.

Trump had an epic win on Nov. 3rd, and the Dems all but admitted they were going to cheat.