Politico’s Panic: Hunter’s Trial Reveals Too Much Truth


by Jeff Childers

The Hunter Biden Trial is not getting the attention it was designed to get, and we might understand why. Friday,

Politico ran a trial update story under the unintentionally truthful headline, “The Hunter Biden Case Is Solid. There’s Something Rotten About It Too.

Politico’s take was that prosecutors were over-proving their case. Politico was appalled at the unrelenting, day after day evidence of Hunter’s sordid lifestyle, calling the trial an exercise in “public flogging.” Oddly, their newfound anxiety about over-prosecution was AWOL during President Trump’s public flogging.

Their righteous outrage appeared in these paragraphs, which revealed much more than they intended:

image 20.png

Politico’s point was there was no point. Everybody knows the Resident’s son is a crack-addled meth addict. Why rub it in? The intended, unstated comparison was to President Trump’s show trial — apples and apples.

But Politico unaccountably missed the main point, the critical distinction between Trump’s sham prosecution and Hunter’s kid-glove treatment. To prove the lesser crime of failing to check a box on a firearm form, government prosecutors presented evidence of a long series of much worse crimes, crimes for which Hunter is inexplicably not being prosecuted.

If it proved anything, this trial proved everything Hunter is getting away with. And unlike Trump’s, Hunter’s public flogging will be completed in just few days, with the jury projected to begin deliberations next week.

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When the Left deifies a felon drug addict like George Floyd, what do you think they did it for?
Just this occasion.
Hunter needed George Floyd deified.
Just like Michelle Obama (Michael) needs tranny-ness deified.

Why “rub it in”? Maybe because if not, the defense would be allowed to stand on their ridiculous claim that at the moment Hunter checked “NO” on his 4413, he wasn’t high and, therefore, not addicted just then. Only, apparently, before and after he checked “NO”. I wasn’t aware addiction could just be turned on and off, like flipping a switch.

The only reason Hunter didn’t just save the taxpayer’s money and plead guilty is because unless he has a jury trial, there’s no way to the fix to be in.

The laptop from hell is a chronological story of a shitbag drug addict whore chasing bag man for the biden crime syndicate. The information on the laptop is enough to convict hunter and incarcerate him for the rest of his disgusting life.