Pneumonia incident hurts perceptions of Clinton’s health


Last weekend at a 9/11 memorial in New York, Hillary Clinton fell ill and had to leave early. The incident prompted the Trump campaign to elaborate further on his health, and has forced the Clinton campaign to disclose information about her health. Both candidates are older than many prior presidential candidates, as Donald Trump is 70 and Hillary Clinton is 68. Barack Obama, by comparison, was 47 when he was inaugurated and George W. Bush was 54.

YouGov/HuffPost’s latest research shows that after her pneumonia scare, Americans are essentially evenly divided on whether or not Hillary Clinton is healthy enough to effectively serve four years as president. 39% say that her physical condition is good enough, while 38% say that it is not good enough. When research was last conducted on this, in the first week of September, 52% of Americans thought she was healthy enough while 33% did not.

Attitudes towards Hillary’s health have shifted most among Democrats.

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Last time Hillary was in a hospital?
3 days ago.
Last time Donald Trump was hospitalized?
When he was eleven years old!

She needs to withdraw from the race and let someone else take over

The problem with Hillary is that no matter what she says, you have to cast doubt on it. If she is standing before you in a blue dress and she says she is wearing a blue dress, you had best pull out some color swatches to verify. She lies so much that whatever she is saying, you have to suspect she has an ulterior motive to mislead.

She is totally untrustworthy.

Hillary says she should have followed her doctor’s advice and rest with her pneumonia, but she followed her instincts and tried to “power through it”. So much for HER instincts. That kind of flawed instinctive reaction is how Obama gave us ISIS.