Please, God, Stop Chelsea Clinton From Whatever She Is Doing


Vanity Fair:

Amid investigations into Russian election interference, perhaps we ought to consider whether the Kremlin, to hurt Democrats, helped put Chelsea Clinton on the cover of Variety. Or maybe superstition explains it. Like tribesmen laying out a sacrifice to placate King Kong, news outlets continue to make offerings to the Clinton gods. In The New York Times alone, Chelsea has starred in multiple features over the past few months: for her tweeting (it’s become “feisty”), for her upcoming book (to be titled She Persisted), and her reading habits (she says she has an “embarrassingly large” collection of books on her Kindle). With Chelsea’s 2015 book, It’s Your World, now out in paperback, the puff pieces in other outlets—Elle, People, etc.—are too numerous to count.

One wishes to calm these publications: You can stop this now. Haven’t you heard that the great Kong is no more? Nevertheless, they’ve persisted. At great cost: increased Chelsea exposure is tied closely to political despair and, in especially intense cases, the bulk purchasing of MAGA hats. So let’s review: How did Chelsea become such a threat?

Perhaps the best way to start is by revisiting some of Chelsea’s major post-2008 forays into the public eye. Starting in 2012, she began to allow glossy magazines to profile her, and she picked up speed in the years that followed. The results were all friendly in aim, and yet the picture that kept emerging from the growing pile of Chelsea quotations was that of a person accustomed to courtiers nodding their heads raptly. Here are Chelsea’s thoughts on returning to red meat in her diet: “I’m a big believer in listening to my body’s cravings.” On her time in the “fiercely meritocratic” workplace of Wall Street: “I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t.” On her precocity: “They told me that my father had learned to read when he was three. So, of course, I thought I had to too. The first thing I learned to read was the newspaper.” Take that, Click, Clack, Moo.

Chelsea, people were quietly starting to observe, had a tendency to talk a lot, and at length, not least about Chelsea. But you couldn’t interrupt, not even if you’re on TV at NBC, where she was earning $600,000 a year at the time. “When you are with Chelsea, you really need to allow her to finish,” Jay Kernis, one of Clinton’s segment producers at NBC, told Vogue. “She’s not used to being interrupted that way.”

Sounds perfect for a dating profile: I speak at length, and you really need to let me finish. I’m not used to interruptions.

What comes across with Chelsea, for lack of a gentler word, is self-regard of an unusual intensity. And the effect is stronger on paper. Unkind as it is to say, reading anything by Chelsea Clinton—tweets, interviews, books—is best compared to taking in spoonfuls of plain oatmeal that, periodically, conceal a toenail clipping.

Take the introduction to It’s Your World (Get Informed! Get Inspired! Get Going!). It’s harmless, you think. “My mom wouldn’t let me have sugary cereal growing up (more on that later),” writes Chelsea, “so I improvised, adding far more honey than likely would have been in any honeyed cereals.” That’s the oatmeal—and then comes the toenail:

I wrote a letter to President Reagan when I was five to voice my opposition to his visit to the Bitburg cemetery in Germany, because Nazis were buried there. I didn’t think an American president should honor a group of soldiers that included Nazis. President Reagan still went, but at least I had tried in my own small way.

Ah, yes, that reminds me of when I was four and I wrote to Senator John Warner about grain tariffs, arguing that trade barriers unfairly decreased consumer choice.

At first glance, of course, Chelsea seems to be boasting that at age five she was interpreting the news with the maturity of an adult. But we should consider whether it’s instead a confession that as an adult she still interprets the news with the maturity of—well, let’s just submit that perhaps she thinks what other people tell her to think. Which brings us to Chelsea’s Twitter feed.

Since Chelsea has 1.6 million followers, we can only conclude that some people enjoy ideas like “Yes. Yes. Yes. Closing the #wagegap is crucial to a strong economy.” And maybe there’s no sin in absorbing and exuding nothing but respectable Blue State opinion. But it’s another thing to insist on joining each day’s designated outrage bandwagon. Did we need to slap down a curmudgeonly Charlotte Rampling, age 71, for griping about #OscarsSoWhite activists? Yes, and here’s Chelsea: “Outrageous, ignorant & offensive comments from Rampling.” Is gender identity not going to be included on the 2020 census? Here’s Chelsea: “This is outrageous. No one should be invisible in America.” Not that there aren’t breaks for deeper thoughts: “Words without action are … meaningless. Words with inaction are … just words. Words with opposite action is … hypocrisy.”

That is … beautiful.

The crude conventional wisdom is that Bill Clinton craved adoration and Hillary Clinton craved power. But Chelsea Clinton seems to have a more crippling want: fashionability—of the sort embraced by philanthropic high society.

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A perfect democrat I hope to see her as soon as she is old enough, I have a slogan, Its Howdy Doody time!

We certianly dont nee another clinton in office bill was bad enough Hillary was worst and Chelsea would make the wicked witch of the west look like a nice old lady

“When you are with Chelsea, you really need to allow her to finish,” Jay Kernis, one of Clinton’s segment producers at NBC, told Vogue. “She’s not used to being interrupted that way.”

Gee, that sounds like another self-determined entitled, media-invented blather machine. Oh, LOOK! They’re related!!

Chelsea appears to be like the kid that can’t play baseball and the Democrat party like the parent that just KNOWS this kid can be a star and pushes the poor kid onto the team. The media is like the family-friend coach that will not accept the fact that this kid does not have baseball aptitude and is merely there for the post-game snacks. In the end, everyone is embarrassed, though there are those involved that DESERVE embarrassment.

Listening to the news today, the Democrat party is desperate for a “leader”. So desperate that they are rubbing their hands together and dancing around over the news that Obama is returning from his luxurious, comped vacation and should be regarded as the ipso facto leader of the Party. Without Obama, they coalesced around Hillary, the other end of the Clinton inevitability. What all these clingers never realized is that being an entitled, pushy, demanding, inflexible bitch is not necessarily a recipe for a successful negotiator and diplomat. Their problem is, she was not Obama and the left is addicted to Obama because he fulfilled all their needs and they can’t stop worshiping him long enough to see what the future might hold.

So, no, bring on Chelsea. She will be supported by many liberals because it is their DUTY to support a Clinton and the media will (as shown) continue to build the legacy of the little girl that taught herself to read at three because she had already heard that’s what her god/father did (no doubt Reagan regretted, to the end of his days, not taking her 5-year-old advice). Democrats DESERVE Chelsea; REPUBLICANS deserve the Democrats to promote Chelsea.

“I was curious if I could care about [money] on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t.”

See? She already has her “I didn’t inhale” moment! Let’s GO!!!

never had a DNA test on her to see if whore bog billie is daddy. maybe she doesn’t know who daddy is? goes to Stanford while the whore dog is pres., naturally she will graduate. foundation payed for her wedding. forgot the news in last quarter in that the printed left, members of the foundation, called her despicable and unruly -ah, short term memory loss. recall that one her town meetings humping for her slut mother had an audience of 6-8 people. when the kennedy brothers died, there were political groups formed that there would never be another kennedy in the white house. I would suspect that this is occurring now for the slut puppy’s daughter.

Like mother like duaghter it just sort of rubs off many times and liberals are like sandpaper on a blister

@Bill… Deplorable Me: That was my favorite quote as well, she has never had to really work for a living, Using foundation funds from Haiti victims for her wedding, those scurvy little scamps dont really need food and shelter as much as shee needed a multimillion dollar wedding extravaganza filled with Clinton hanger ons.