Petraeus to be succeeded by Marine Gen. John Allen


Posted By Thomas E. Ricks Thursday, March 10, 2011 – 10:58 AM

I am hearing around town that Gen. David Petraeus will indeed step down in Afghanistan later this year, and probably will be replaced by Marine Lt. Gen. John Allen.

That’s a terrific plan. I also am hearing that Petraeus, who is scheduled to testify on Capitol Hill next week, is worn out. It would be nice to give him a breather before making him chairman of the Joint Chiefs, or, smarter move, making him national security advisor, if President Obama decides he wants a real one, instead of the Hill staffers and ex-lobbyists for Fannie Mae the White House has been trotting out. (The current lineup is just Bidenism at its worst, confusing Congress with the real world. And, while I’m at it, I’m still an Obama fan, but he seriously needs to get better at talking to and listening to his military leaders, and these guys aren’t helping.)

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Petraeus is truly one of the best and brightest we have in the Armed Forces. Making him a White House political appointee would be a punishment; so I hope he lands the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs position. Obama and company seem to pay the barest lip-service to the honorable souls who volunteer to defend our nation, and our rights and liberties. God willing, we’ll provide Petraeus and our other honorable soldiers a much better Commander-and-Chief in 2012.

no wonder they get worn out with the double standards they are ask to work with, as this is the worst lead war by a commander in chief at the WHITE HOUSE, and those who spill their blood for FREEDOM,
deserve better than that , yes Machiavelli I hope so too, for their sake and AMERICA