Oprah’s Running for President and the MSM Couldn’t Be More Moist



Ed Driscoll wonders if Harvey Weinstein will be her running mate.

It was very wise for the Golden Globes to hand Oprah an award last night; instead of discussing the embarrassment of the first major awards show in the wake of Harvey Weinstein and Pervnado, the MSM gets to dangle the possibility of Oprah running for the presidency to coastal elite audiences exhausted from nearly two years of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Not to mention, Oprah versus Trump would be ratings gold for the news media, which was in its glory making Obama happen in 2007 and 2008.

For Hollywood, it’s a chance to at least temporarily rebrand from one of its worst scandals. “Remember, they’re not making a big deal because they found out what was going on in Hollywood,” Glenn noted, “They always knew. They’re making a big deal because you found out what was going on in Hollywood.”

However, if this is indeed the high visibility launching point for Oprah 2020; associating herself with the aftermath of Pervnado seems like very poor personal branding: “Actress: Weinstein used Oprah and Naomi[Campbell] to seduce me,” the New York Post reported in late November 28, 2017. And Weinstein and Oprah were quite chummy, as this photo of the two attending the 19th Annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards back in January 16 of 2014 attests. It quickly made the rounds on Twitter last night. Oprah co-starred in the 2013 film The Butler, produced by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, whose company distributed the movie.

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This merely demonstrates the depth of the desperation the left finds itself in. They have no acceptable candidates to field, so they continue to gravitate towards the gimmick angle. First black President, First Woman President and now, First Black Woman President. Perhaps she could come out as gay and hedge more bets, going for the first Black Gay Woman President.

Greg sent me a link to a young handsome democrat that even I thought would have a chance to unseat the Don or take the seat after 8 years of winning. Does Hollyweird get to choose the next President? Does a teary Oprah qualify she cries alot. She is a big charity minded person and has her own foundation, seems thats a thing with politicians, will the left demand she separate from all her business concerns? Why was it a joke when DT named her a possible running mate in the way back machine?

This was made a joke and Trump just couldn’t be serious about a presidential run.
The best thing is to encourage them to this folly.