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Love the video..the mind set of the people who think opie is wonderful is defined very well in this vidio. When one looks at the propaganda of the current administration it resembles that of the Third Rich, under Geibel. One has to wonder when it will the time come to “burn all the books, roundup all the Jews, and round-up anyone who is thought to be a traitor of the state”. Where is that good old fashion Gestapo when you need them. OMG. part of the Gestapo’s 13 sections of control during the time of the Third Rich was similar of the TSA. Even to the color of the cloathing. I suggest that one reads book on history and not filtered information from the network news channel..ABC or the “Abama News Network”. The tapes from the National German Radio Broadcasting from 1936 to 1940 sound very smilar to the news the American people are exposed to..Remember, it is not “chicage stype” is the style of the “Third Rich’s propaganda machine under Geibel and later Himmler”. Oh! Those recordings, ask the “us army” what they did with them when they invaded Berlin

So, who was that woman?? JC? Greg in Drag?? who?? LOL!!


Actually, considering the topic, it reminded me more of rich wheeler than anyone.