Obama Goes Golfing


Bush, of course, gave up the game in 2003, deciding he could not explain to a dead soldier’s parents why he was golfing during a period of war.

We’re very lucky to have gotten such a cool dude for president.

One of the president’s implicit powers is to decide when there is and isn’t a crisis. If the president doesn’t want to deal with genocide in Darfur, he just never talks about it. He behaves like it’s not a crisis, and the weak-minded media goes along with that.

That’s what Obama’s doing here.

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10 vehicals to take him to shoot golf balls. wonder what the cost was..ah! we paid for it..What is of note, is that the American public pays for his golf games, but nobody ssems to know his score..less than his IQ.
Have you ever wonder what is those SUV’s with all the dark windows???

Does any one have a gattling answer.


Golfer in Chief.
Apologist in Chief.
Pretender in Chief.
Baller in Chief.
Organizer in Chief.
Agitator in Chief.
Complainer in Chief.
Campaigner in Chief.

Anyone know one that is missing? And don’t say Commander.

I’m to disgusted to even write a thoughtful comment on this one.

True leaders must be as concerned with appearances as they are with actual action. When Bush 41 failed to react agressively as Saddam indicated he was going to take back Iraq’s lost province (Kuwait), Saddam quickly moved into and looted Kuwait. You all remember what happened next!

Golfing instead of visiting our military forces and allies in Europe (woops, we already lost them!), Obama throws fuel on the middle-east fires. No one knows where the Lybia, Egypt and the other middle east and North Africa countries will end up. With out any guidance from the West, it likely will not be an ending compatible with our lives.

I suspect the golf course is far from the Libyan cries for a no fly zone, a golf course is where Obama does “smart power” best. rolls eyes