NSA Courting THOUSANDS Of Woke Laid-Off Big Tech Workers For Intelligence Operations


by Jamie White

The National Security Agency (NSA), the secretive domestic spying arm of the federal government, is reportedly looking to hire thousands of laid-off Big Tech workers to expand its intelligence activities.
In its biggest hiring spree in 30 years, the NSA began reaching out to Big Tech workers on LinkedIn last fall, running on predictions that mass layoffs would soon come to Silicon Valley.
From The Washington Times:

The National Security Agency is doggedly courting laid-off Big Tech workers as the spy agency undertakes one of its largest hiring surges in the last 30 years.
The NSA began privately reaching out to Big Tech employees over LinkedIn last fall, as word spread that major American companies such as Meta and Amazon were bleeding tens of thousands of skilled workers.
The NSA is currently hiring 3,000 new employees to work across the country, from the D.C.-area to Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Texas and Utah, according to Molly Moore, NSA deputy director of workforce support activities.
More than half of the NSA’s 3,000 open positions are for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics work. The spy agency, which is focused on signals intelligence collection, is in the market for data and computer scientists, software engineers, cybersecurity experts, human-machine teaming experts, and mathematicians, according to NSA director of operations Natalie Lang.

The news is especially alarming given the many workers at Big Tech companies like Twitter and Meta were woke leftists and advocates of censorship and information control against conservatives.
The fact the overwhelming majority of workers in the tech sector donated to Democrats was pointed out by Twitter CEO Elon Musk in a telling graph in December after laying off half of the social media company’s workforce.
“While subtle, if you look closely at this chart, you might notice a slight bias,” Musk joked.

The subsequent Twitter Files released with Musk’s blessing revealed the cozy relationship between Big Tech and the federal government, specifically that the federal government used Big Tech as a proxy to censor conservatives and control narratives.

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So, the NSA will hire thousands of whiny sore loser crybabies to help spy on US citizens. What could go wrong? This is why draining the swamp is so difficult; the pond scum is pervasive. Democrats work hardest at keeping the nation on course and on schedule headed towards their beloved fascist socialist totalitarian police state.

At the same time that Utah’s fertility rate has dropped (suddenly) from 1st in the nation to 4th (probably because of the vax) the NSA is bringing in thousands of woksters to Layton to work inside the huge NSA Data Center.
Talk about an attempt to turn a deep red state purple.
At least these wokies never breed, so it will merely be a blip.
Utah’s women can and will be replaced by newly converted foreign women in a few months.
I think infertility is a valid cause for divorce in the mormon church.