Newt Gingrich Predicts DOJ Will Attempt to Indict President Trump Using a DC Grand Jury, “They are Playing for Keeps”


by Sundance

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich knows a thing or ten about the DC Deep State, and he appeared on television with Mark Levin to deliver a stark opinion about the current course of action by a comprehensively corrupt and politicized DOJ and FBI. {Direct Rumble Link}
From the perspective of Mr. Gingrich the institutional system within Washington DC is “playing for keeps” with “no interest in the law,” in their effort to keep Donald Trump from challenging the corrupt system now controlling the U.S. government.  Unfortunately, I agree with the prediction.  WATCH:

As soon as the Washington DC FBI sent agents to Florida, everything changed.  If you stand back and look at the national political events from an objective perspective, the connections between the executive agencies and the national political apparatus starts taking on a new clarity.
Additionally, when you overlay the tepid initial response from a newly managed Florida Governor, then look at his national rollout, you can see a specifically constructed series of events intended to give an alternative for the MAGA outrage vote.
The RNC club donors and deep political operatives have been in a full national push position for Ron DeSantis which was triggered immediately after the August 8th raid on Mar-a-Lago.
For five days immediately following the raid, DeSantis remained locked down and silent in a political bunker until he emerged on August 14th in Arizona, complete with a new press office and management team.  The timing, the series of events, the branding shift and the lack of response to the FBI raid is simply too coincidental to be happenstance.
This doesn’t mean Ron DeSantis himself knew of the raid in advance; but someone in the DC Republican advisory apparatus with influence over DeSantis did know it was coming.  He was prepared to go quiet. That explains the behaviors, and lack therein, that followed.
That entire sequence of events in Florida, including the branding and book drop by alternative media (Ben Shapiro) was a big tell; it indicated a closely coordinated RNC club operation.
In the days/weeks that followed, DeSantis has been very careful to avoid any mention of the Mar-a-Lago raid, or criticism of the DOJ, Main Justice, or FBI.   Instead, he has followed an easy route to punch soft targets like Anthony Fauci and the social inequity of Biden’s college tuition debt forgiveness.
With 94% of Ron DeSantis funding coming from multinational corporations, Wall Street hedge funds and billionaires, it is easy to see where the control mechanisms are as the club masters look to take down Trump and retain control of U.S. economic, monetary and trade policy.  [SEE HERE] Ultimately, that economic system is what the Wall Street donors are paying to control.  Remember, there are trillions at stake.
In hindsight we can see the GOPe path that led to the inflection point of the August 8th raid.   However, all of these players have one major hurdle. They have gone all in against Donald Trump, and he is the one-person strong enough, and skilled enough, to outwit them.
Additionally, President Donald J Trump has the law, the constitution, the truth, and ultimately the largest portion of the awakened nation on his side.
Yes, I agree with Newt Gingrich that they are “playing for keeps.”  However, when all of the enemy is finally visible, that’s when the righteousness of natural sunlight becomes the strongest weapon.
Donald Trump may have a lot of human flaws, but authenticity, honesty and a genuine desire to do the very best for our nation is not among them.
Donald Trumps is not a deceptive person.  He is one of the most transparent people that history could ever record.  When fighting against deception and skullduggery, that transparency transfers into honest, deliberate and authentic communication; ultimately becoming a natural weapon against his opposition.

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If they cannot be shamed into dropping this fake “crime,” this is a possibility.
With a 96% registered democrat jury pool, the indictment would be a foregone conclusion.
But so what.
Donald Trump (or anyone who is 35 and a natural born citizen) can run for president even from a prison cell.

Not if he gets so despondent he hangs himself from his bed sheet during a time when the security cameras are mysteriously turned off.

No crime was committed ergo no indictment would be warranted.
Should they choose to indict in defiance of no criminal act, it will only solidify his re-election in 2024.

Democrats could not be more transparent in their concession in their inability to defeat President Trump in a fair and honest election

In DC he will be just another ham sandwich.

The concern is, after 6 years of increasingly escalating, egregious, and nakedly manufactured false-crimes being leveled at Trump, their not going to suddenly let up, much less stop.

They are going to go all the way.

When they do, will states have any obligation to honor the current regime as a legal federal government? Will citizens? What happens when people stop paying their federal taxes and states start building their own alliances with each other and other countries?


Like Hawkfish saying Biden would get millions of votes overnight (who would know that, unless they were planning on a ballot drop of fraud ballots?), this is just NLP.

The GOP wants Trump gone as much as anyone.

They are mentally prepping people to except Trump getting jailed, illegally.

I think you are wrong. IT IS “BUSH REPUBLICANS” that want Don gone. Many Republicans are conservative and like Don; so much that they want him to run again!

Maybe President Biden will pardon Trump after his indictment—though a president has no such power with respect to state charges.

70 days until the midterms… Have you noticed yet that the GOP still has no clearly defined agenda?

Maybe idiot Biden will pardon himself, his son and his brother for money laundering, tax evasion and influence peddling.

Folks, we better come to grips with the actuality that Trump as a politician is one in a million. It may be a long time before we ever see his like again, if ever. Though the example of what happens to a dedicated patriotic idealist that challenges the deep state might scare them away, another might follow Trump’s example and challenge the beast.

DeSantis might have merely made a political decision to silently wait until the facts of the raid were borne out. There WAS the possibility that there was an actual justification for the raid; DeSantis is probably waiting so he doesn’t make a statement that is quickly proven to be a poor choice.

DeSantis is still the next best chance to take Washington back. If Trump is indicted, I still predict all his support will align with DeSantis in addition to most never-Trumpers. It would be unstoppable.

If Trump is indicted, where would a trial be held? Where was the “crime” committed? Was it taking the documents or having and storing them? A very strong case can be made to move any trial out of DC. But, the trial is not the goal; tying Trump up in nasty-looking legal complications is.

On the left, indicting Trump won’t gain a single vote. In fact, there may actually be a few Democrats who finally see the light and realize what a despicable, lawless, totalitarian gang of despots their leadership has actually become and withhold support if not outright vote against the Democrats. But Republican support will be galvanized, unified and motivated.

Democrats have totally and completely run out of options.

Impeach Joe Biden and Kamela Harris remove all Democrat this is a Coup by the Democrats/Globalists

Trump will “commit suicide” while he quietly slinks away.

This is the most demoralizing outcome for his supporters, why wouldn’t they?

If he’s not a plant, then explain his poor hiring decisions, and why/how/when he learned from his mistakes.

Then explain his daughter and son-in-law’s dealings…

He’ll have a private jet waiting to whisk him into obscurity.

The entire conservative platform holds abject contempt for dependency, unless it’s with regard to effecting political change… How odd.

Don’t you have a painting session to tape for TV or something?

@Bob Ross

If he’s not a plant, then explain his poor hiring decisions, and why/how/when he learned from his mistakes.

Such as? Some of his appointments turned out to be more loyal to the deep state than to the nation. Those people don’t exactly advertise their disloyalty.

Then explain his daughter and son-in-law’s dealings…

Are you referring to historic peace deals between Israel and former adversaries? What’s to explain? Brilliant foreign policy is all.

You make no sense whatsoever.

If he’s not a plant, then explain his poor hiring decisions, and why/how/when he learned from his mistakes.

Uh, perhaps you missed the point that it was, LITERALLY, Trump against an establishment that resisted him every step of the way. This included the GOP.

This myth about his “hiring decisions” is hilarious. He was an outsider, and he came in and did well.

Trump expected tangible results, and fired people when they failed. Compare this to the miserable hirings of Obama, Bush, and now Biden.

Why the double-standard?

I think “Mr. Ross” is a Leftist troll masquerading as a Conservatives, a never-Trumper.

There’s NOTHING these clowns won’t do to stop him.

He’ll have a private jet waiting to whisk him into obscurity.

You wish. There’s over 100 million freedom loving, mostly moderate Americans who will take Trump’s place in every level of government.

Trump represents the people’s call to get rid of our Uniparty and all those installed bureaucrats simply getting their corporate donors rich.

He’s a threat to them. A threat to you.


You don’t have the numbers to resist this expected shift in American politics, returning to democratic process and ousting parasitic globalists and the deep state.

BREAKING: Evidence To Be Released 18,000 Illegal Voters In 2020 Election In One Georgia County – Biden Margin Of Victory Was 11,779

Is that in addition to the 66,000 illegal underage voters in Georgia?

greg will be along to say all those 18,000 illegal voters actual voted for Trump.

You watch…

@Nathan Blue
Nah, he’ll just make the astounding revelation that there never was a water main break at State Farm Arena. That seems to be the answer for all evidence of election fraud in Georgia.