New Mexico Governor Orders End to ‘Sanctuary State’ Policies


New Mexico governor Susana Martinez (R) said Monday that New Mexico is no longer an illegal immigrant sanctuary state, issuing an order to officially reverse the state’s status. Ms. Martinez ordered the reversal of the state’s “sanctuary status” – put in place by former Gov. Bill Richardson (D), which prohibited law enforcement from asking criminal suspects about their citizenship. The move aligns the state with Arizona, which passed a law mandating officials inquire about an individual’s immigration status.

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One more Governor and state waking up to the reality that illegal immigration is not sustainable. We have been fooled by the activists that illegals contribute more in taxes than they receive in benefits. We have been told that they work at jobs others will not do. All of this La Raza type propaganda is finally having the light of day shown on it and exposing it for what is is, lies, propaganda, and race baiting, even though no race is involved.

Sooooo, now they’ll all come to Maryland. Our legislature is seriously considering giving them in-state tuition while raising taxes on gas and raising fees for licenses and attempting to tax plastic bags.

Rob Peter to pay Paul.

I like it. To bad Colorado has a new govonor who likes the idea of santuary. Guess which party he is from?

Obama co-sponsored a bill that allows instate tuition for undocumented democrats while he served in the Illinois Senate, it became law in 2003. He also supported amnesty, chain migration, health care, etc for the UDs. you name it, he liked it. Prolly still does.

Great job Governor!!!!! We need 49 more just like her.