NASA climate programs being eyed for budget axe


NASA spent over a billion dollars last year on climate change studies…which would you rather have? Pronouncements about death trains, expert testimony for climate vandals, failed predictions, failed models, and a questionable GISTEMP dataset, or a continued manned spaceflight program?

From my perspective, NASA GISS is a duplication of climate services already covered by NOAA/NCDC, and all we seem to get from it is climate activism arrests of the chief scientist, a coffee table book by his assistant, and a snarky condescending blog called RealClimate that one private citizen and some volunteers are currently beating the pants off of in public outreach.

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Employees like Hanson have a conflict of interest concerning climate studies. He uses his government position to further AGW hysteria that increases the value of his investments.

The Clowns that I want to see put into Prison for Fraud are those that are Marketing the bogus Carbon Credits.
Since NASA is no longer in the Space Business, it should either go the way of the WAACS and into a Museum
or be Budgeted 100% through Entitlement cuts across the Board in every Entitlement Program.

MEDICARE and Social Security are VESTED Programs so they are exempt.