Nancy Pelosi erupts: to heck with that inconvenient Constitution, we can’t have another Trump term


By Jack Hellner

The media and other Democrats have been trying to destroy President Trump since before he even took office, even though that meant endless lies and concocted criminal hoaxes. They can’t afford an outsider to come in and take away the power they have amassed.

Now, Nancy Pelosi admits that states should just overrule the Constitution to keep Trump off the ballot. Ignoring the Constitution? What an odd way to protect our “democracy.” From Mike Miller at RedState:

So, to protect and defend the Constitution, Pelosi believes [Democrat] states should ‘overrule’ it and ban Donald Trump from running for president in those states. Perfect ‘logic’ — ‘Pelosi logic,’ that is.

Here’s the clip:

Why don’t the Democrats run on their record? The answer is clear. Their record and policies are unsuccessful and unpopular, and Trump’s policies were both successful and popular.

Trump told the protesters to walk “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol, and in large part, they did. Pelosi knew there were going to be protests, and somehow didn’t secure the Capitol. It is she who was derelict! Did she want the protesters to get out of hand? Was this a set-up?

It sure seems that Pelosi, most of the media, and all the other Democrats haven’t cared about the Constitution for a long time, or have forgotten which branches of government are responsible for what things. Here is a refresher, from the Truman Library:


  • make laws.
  • declare war.
  • decide how federal money will be spent.
  • interpret laws.
  • choose Cabinet members or Supreme Court Justices without Senate approval.

And this, from the U.S. courts website: “The judicial branch decides the constitutionality of federal laws and resolves other disputes about federal laws.”

Lastly, from The George Washington University: “The Legislative branch makes laws and controls spending and taxes.”

Over the years, Pelosi and other Democrats have shown that they don’t care about the separation of powers or the abuse of power, just as long as the abuse comes from other Democrats.

They didn’t care when Obama used the IRS to violate the First Amendment’s free speech and freedom of association protections of his political opponents.

They didn’t care when Obama’s NSA illegally spied on millions of Americans.

They didn’t care when Obama dictatorially and unconstitutionally implemented DACA without going through Congress.

They don’t care that Biden ignores his oath of office by refusing to enforce immigration laws Congress passed.

They ignore when executive branch agencies enact de facto laws (by mandates and rules) on “climate change” issues without going through Congress.

They don’t care as Biden dictatorially spends hundreds of billions of dollars writing off student loans without getting congressional approval, in what is an obvious move to coerce political support.

They intentionally mislead the public on the nature of Roe v. Wade, claiming that the Supreme Court gave women a “constitutional right” to abortion, and the overturning of Roe v. Wade represents an “attack on constitutional rights.” The Supreme Court is not charged with making laws or changing the Constitution, and since explicit protection of a supposed “right to abortion” is not found within the Constitution, it does not exist. The current Supreme Court did its job when it overturned what was obviously legislation from the bench, and returned the decision to legislative bodies.

Democrats, including Carter, Clinton, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and others have had fifty years to pass a federal law codifying abortion, but never did, even when they had complete control of Congress. Why?

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pelosi herself should be imprisoned for her role in January 6. She was part of an orchestrated coup de etat

Nasty Nancy needs to resign totally and retire i to a Mental Institution for life we cant have a politician who ignore the U.S. Constitution all the time just like the rest of them do

All Nancy needs to do to really make Trump ineligible is have him declared the real winner of the 2020 election.
Then he is precluded from serving a third time even tho he never served after being elected the 2nd time.
I expect this ploy to be pulled fairly soon, but not yet.

Pelosi is far leftist scum that cares nothing about the country or the people but only wants to keep her degenerate party strong so she can continue to get richer.