More Polling Shows Trump Sweeping Every Swing State


by John Nolte

Add Bloomberg/Morning Consult to the latest round of polls showing Donald Trump sweeping all the 2024 swing states.

Just a few days ago, EmersonPolling/the Hill surveys found former President Trump leading His Fraudulency Joe Biden in the seven states most likely to decide the next president.

Thursday, Bloomberg/Morning Consult showed the same. Here are the results from a two-way race:

  • Arizona: Trump 49 / Biden 43 — Trump +6
  • Georgia: Trump 49 / Biden 43 — Trump +6
  • Michigan: Trump 46 / Biden 44 — Trump +2
  • Nevada: Trump 48 / Biden 42 — Trump +6
  • North Carolina: Trump 50 / Biden 41 — Trump +9
  • Pennsylvania: Trump 49 / Biden 43 — Trump +6
  • Wisconsin: Trump 46 / Biden 42 — Trump +4

This same pollster had already surveyed these same states at the end of January. In some states, Trump improved his standing. In others, he lost some ground. Here is the net gain/loss for Trump compared to last month: Arizona: +3, Georgia: -2, Michigan: -3, Nevada: -2, North Carolina: -1, Pennsylvania: +3, Wisconsin: -1.

Bloomberg/Morning Consult also surveyed the same seven states with Robert Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Jill Stein in the race. Overall, those results look even better for Trump:

  • Arizona: Trump 45 / Biden 36 / Kennedy 9 — Trump +9
  • Georgia: Trump 45 / Biden 38 / Kennedy 6 — Trump +7
  • Michigan: Trump 41 / Biden 40 / Kennedy 9 — Trump +1
  • Nevada: Trump 44 / Biden 37 / Kennedy 9 — Trump +7
  • North Carolina: Trump 45 / Biden 35 / Kennedy 9 — Trump +9
  • Pennsylvania: Trump 45 / Biden 36 / Kennedy 8 — Trump +3
  • Wisconsin: Trump 41 / Biden 35 / Kennedy 10 — Trump +6

Here’s the ground Trump has won/lost in this five-way race since last month: Arizona: +1, Georgia: no change, Michigan: -5, Nevada: -3, North Carolina: -4, Pennsylvania: no change, Wisconsin: -2.

Despite any fluctuations, here’s what matters… In a two-way race, Trump is at or near 50 percent in five of these states. In the remaining two, he’s at 46. Biden cannot top 44 percent in any of them. Hunter’s Dad is stuck between 41 and 43 percent in six states.

These polls are not outliers. In the RealClearPolitics average poll of polls, here are the results in those same swing states.

  • Arizona: Trump 47.5 / Biden 42 — Trump +5.5
  • Georgia: Trump 48.5 / Biden 42 — Trump +6.5
  • Michigan: Trump 48.2 / Biden 42.6 — Trump +3.6
  • Nevada: Trump 48.7 / Biden 41 — Trump +7.7
  • North Carolina: Trump 49 / Biden 43.3 — Trump +5.7
  • Pennsylvania: Trump 45 / Biden 44.2 — Trump -1
  • Wisconsin: Trump 46.4 / Biden 45.4 — Trump +1

Of those seven states, Biden allegedly won six — every one of those except for North Carolina.

The state I find most fascinating is Nevada. Trump is eight points up in a state Republicans have not won since 2004 — and that was a squeaker of around 2.5 points. Today, at least in the polling, Trump’s running away with it by nearly eight points.

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Another Imperialist Idiot judge in Illinois’ just barred Trump from the Ballot another Imperialists Judge who needs to get the boot off the Bench

President Trump is dominating. Trump will win reelection in a landslide against the walking cadaver that is biden n

What people that dislike Trump hate is the Ministry of Propaganda’s caricature of Trump. Nothing in their version of him has the smell of truth to it. If only people would compare their lives under Trump to their lives under Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden, the outcome of the election is irrefutable. There isn’t enough election fraud to pull this bag of shit across the finish line.

The vast majority of taxpaying citizens are desperate for the change back to the thriving, patriotic America that we once had. Only Trump can bring that back now and then, hopefully, someone can come after him and carry on his legacy.

Elections have consequences;
Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

Nothing from that Mirco-Brain Greg

It takes longer than it used to for the DNC to create the arguments their useful idiots are to circulate. The task is much, much harder thanks to Robin Ware/Robert L. Peters/JRB Ware/Pedo Peter/idiot Biden’s massive failures.

greg might weigh in later, but, for now, guess what?
GenZ is overwhelmingly for TRUMP!!!
Other non-traditional Republican voters (not merely adults, but VOTERS) are switching to Trump.

*65% of Gen Zers polled said Trump would shake things up for the better.

*Twenty-nine percent of Democrats surveyed said they either “somewhat” or “strongly” approve of “the job that Donald Trump did as president.”

*The Israel-Hamas war and nationwide antisemitism are swinging Jewish voters to Trump.

And if the “uncommon” trend continues, “uncommitted ” could be the democrat nominee.

Yada yada yada the machines are still in the voting places, same yahoos in charge of admin of the elections.