Maine gets break in federal health care overhaul


They’re dropping like flies….

PORTLAND, Maine – The federal government Tuesday granted Maine a waiver of a key provision in President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, citing the likelihood that enforcement could destabilize the state’s market for individual health insurance.

The U.S. Health and Human Services department said in a letter it would waive the requirement that insurers spend 80 cents to 85 cents of every premium dollar on medical care and quality improvement. Instead, the letter said, the state could maintain its 65 percent standard for three years, with the caveat that HHS intends to review the figures after two years.

The decision makes Maine the first state to receive a waiver of the requirement. Similar requests are pending from Kentucky, Nevada and New Hampshire.

Everyone is getting a waiver except for us. I want one too.

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Pure garbage..but what did you expect. palosi “We need to pass the bill to see what is in it”. quite obvious, the coctail , serving house wife from Ca, like opie can not read. OH! remember that in 2013, the departart of health and human services will review the “death list items”. Sara Palin was right when she sited a “death list”.. to bad the American people never bothered to read the bill. 23% plus are illiterate in this country. 33% of the population is on welfare and the list grows daily. What is very funny was a patient in a doctor’s office infomed the nurse the other day, that when opie’s health care goes into effect, she will not have to wait but 5 min. for a doctor…my wait was 80 min., her’s was 120 plus min..Smile. More people need to read Mark Twain..his humor and insite into the American people was bad that his works are now refered to as rasist in nature. Little does one forget the “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Stone started a civil war. Smile America “you are on candid camera” and the world is laughing as you make a fool of your selves everyday,,just ask hillary..she and her comments make ou look bad every day..Just ask her plastic surgeon on how musch work he did when she had her arm fixed from her fall..and to think that the USA paid for her face lift.

Is this payback to the RINOs Snow and Collins to help their reelection efforts in the future?

Obama really needs Republican turncoats he can count on to break the spirit and cadence of Republicans; Collins and Snow are some of his most loyal supporters.